Kimble has provided us the insight so we can have better decision-making going forward. We can clearly see into our future and what adjustments we have to make.

Jill Novosel, Director at West Monroe Partners

West Monroe is an award-winning US-based business and technology consulting business running strategic solutions which impact clients’ profitability and performance. In 2018, they moved from a previous home-grown PSA system, which was no longer meeting their needs, to Kimble.

Kimble PSA is native to the Salesforce platform which West Monroe Partners already used and integration was smooth. Now data can easily be shared to create much better visibility into pipeline and forecast.

All of West Monroe’s 1,500 employees now use Kimble on some level. Consultants use it to enter time and expenses, project managers use it to manage their engagements, for instance invoicing and keeping track of resource requirements. So far one of the biggest efficiency gains Kimble has delivered is forecasting resource time more effectively, which delivers benefits in utilization.

Director of quality assurance and client delivery Jill Novosel said:

“Kimble’s out-of-the-box solution really helps users understand what the best practices are. It points users in the right direction to what they should be doing on a day-to-day basis, so we have the data we can use to make better decisions going forward”.

Using Kimble, West Monroe Partners is able to:

  • Guide end-users to the next steps
  • Gather time and expense data more effectively
  • Resource more proactively
  • Create more accurate forecasts


  • More accurate forecasts
  • Improvements in utilization
  • Better decision-making

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