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You have bottlenecks.
We have a solution.

Kimble’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) software helps services organizations make better decisions sooner, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing resource utilization, profitability, and business scalability.

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Trusted by technology and consulting businesses worldwide

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Perfect the sales to delivery hand-off

  • Fully integrated with CRM, allowing seamless forecasting of existing and pipeline projects
  • Use templates to apply predefined team profiles and work breakdown structures
  • Align sales and delivery teams around one view of the project
Selling & Scoping Features

Balance resource supply and demand

  • Easily find the best fit for an assignment based on required skills and availability matching
  • Maximize utilization using Kimble’s combined view of pipeline and in-flight projects
  • See and proactively take action on upcoming gaps in capacity
Resource Management Features

Keep projects on time, on scope, and on budget

  • Surface risks before they become issues, driving consistency and protecting profitability
  • Get a real-time view of actual and forecast effort with interactive engagement and portfolio dashboards
  • Increase timesheet compliance through suggested time entries
Project Management Features

See the financial impacts of the work you’ve done, in real time

  • Track and burn down purchase orders so that invoices are undisputed and paid promptly
  • Generate invoices with ease, either through a step-by-step process or automatically via batch processes
  • Streamline month end processes, finalizing actual revenues and costs while forecasts update automatically
Billing & Rev Rec Features

Build predictability through foresight

  • Drive real-time forecasting of revenue, margin and cash flow
  • Guide users towards key actions that need attention
  • Provide instant visibility into key metrics
Reporting & Dashboards Features

Keep your customers in the loop throughout the project lifecycle

  • Provide a portal for your customers to review project progress and approve time, expenses and invoices
  • Share only the information you want while being able to collaborate on all appropriate documents
  • Allow customers to easily request new resource assignments where framework agreements are in place
Customer Community Features

What is Professional Services Automation software?
PSA software provides the operational framework required to run a connected and efficient services business. Learn more

Kimble is Different.
Here’s Why

You aren’t just running projects. You’re running a business where projects determine how successful your customers and the business can be.

You need a solution that orchestrates the entire project delivery mechanism, from estimating and staffing to billing and month-end, and helps your business recognize and remove inefficiencies that are standing in the way of predictable, consistent success.

Kimble’s unique process-centric framework provides businesses alignment, guidance, and adaptability, improving the efficiency of hand-offs between teams, encouraging proactive collaboration, and increasing organizational agility and customer satisfaction.

See Why Businesses Choose Kimble

Kimble continually ranks as one of the leading enterprise PSAs. Read what your peers have to say.

Businesses Prefer Kimble

Reviewers on G2, the leading independent source of software reviews from actual users, consistently rank Kimble as the leader in return on investment, adoption, and other key performance factors. Each quarter, G2 publishes the results of all the user rankings for the PSA category.

Explore the charts at the right to see how Kimble stacks up against other solutions. Looking for more details? Check out all of our G2 reviews here, including reviews for companies in your segment, industry and region.

Source: G2 Reviews

  • Kimble vs FinancialForce

  • Kimble vs Netsuite OpenAir

Kimble vs FinancialForce

Kimble vs Netsuite OpenAir

How Adaptable is Your Organization?

The businesses that succeed in the coming years will be those that are able to adapt to changing circumstances, move quickly around organizational bottlenecks, making decisions as close to their customers as possible.


Kimble is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner

Kimble is the only intelligent PSA application on the Salesforce platform. Embedded with Sales Cloud (Salesforce CRM), the app offers category-leading capabilities in revenue forecasting and revenue recognition, resource planning, project management, billing, and mobile time and expense entry.

Working in tandem with Salesforce, Kimble provides business leaders the information they need about future performance to make better decisions sooner. In project-based businesses, project performance usually differs from the plan – which affects profitability. Kimble harnesses all the innovative functionality that Salesforce offers to make service delivery more predictable, more profitable and more efficient.

Many Kimble customers benefit from easy integration with Salesforce’s own products and with other Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications to provide a best of breed solution for their business.

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