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Using Technology to Create Visibility in a Consulting Organization

A partner at Oliver Wyman with many years experience managing consulting businesses, Chris DeBrusk discusses how technology can be used to meet the challenge of “trying to monitor the business while doing the work.”

Many managers find themselves “looking in the rearview mirror” because the information they are drawing out of the business is delayed – it comes out only after month-end close or after quarter-end close.

Actively managing the business means looking forward at what is happening in one month’s time or six month’s time. To do that requires good forecasts, based on a strong understanding of the pipeline and of the resource requirements.

When the organization is running a large number of projects senior managers don’t have time to intervene in them all so they need to look at those where there are risks and opportunities. In this podcast, Chris explains what metrics to use to identify those projects, and how to best use your PSA technology to focus on the metrics that matter.

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