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The 360* visibility that Kimble provides us allows us to connect the Rocket vision to the aspirations of consultants. We haven’t looked back since.

Nick Garnett, Commercial Director, Rocket Consulting

Rocket Consulting is a fast growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist consulting firm. Similar to many in the industry, Rocket became reliant on fragmented, labor-intensive operational processes that were inefficient and non-scalable as they grew. Nick Garnett, Commercial Director of Rocket Consulting, explains,

“We had individual systems for recording time, expenses/spreadsheets, and an inefficient process for invoicing as it involved getting reports out of our consultant’s time-management system. Our sales system was Microsoft Dynamics, but we had major issues as it relied on whoever was managing the opportunities to remember and to manage on a day-to-day business what needed to be billed.”

The catalyst for the evaluation of a number of PSA vendors was the significant time being spent on core operational processes by senior management. Nick affirms that our operational processes were overly senior management team intensive.” These processes were brittle and therefore difficult to handover, so senior management was spending an increasing amount of time in the back office instead of focusing on client and prospect-facing duties.

As a result of a thorough analysis, Kimble was selected and fully implemented in 2013, in a matter of weeks, with the goals of transforming Rocket’s end-to-end processes and establishing a single integrated view of their business. “

“The 360* visibility that Kimble provides us allows us to connect the Rocket vision to the aspirations of consultants. We haven’t looked back since,” says Nick.

“Kimble has fundamentally allowed us to drive our strategy and to shape the culture of our business.  For our management team, it is essential to continually communicate and track our progress against our key business objectives. Kimble allows us to do this, providing great insight into the health of our business at any point in time and providing the ability to drill down into specific detail to address any issues that may arise. Before we implemented Kimble, we did not have a reliable way of tracking our progress against our goals and strategy, which makes it difficult to proactively manage the business.”

Kimble has also interjected confidence in Rocket. They are now seeing what impact their decisions may have before they are implemented, allowing them to manage proactively. This has also added to their overall profitability through better-motivated teams with timely access to all project critical data and joined-up communications.

“Our business case for Kimble is simple and one that will probably resonate with many professional services companies worldwide, big or small. We estimate that, thanks to Kimble, our Management Team saves 1 day a week previously spent looking inwards on operational activities. This monthly saving alone justifies our annual Kimble fee.”

With Kimble, Rocket Consulting is able to:

  • Free up executive time to spend with customers
  • Easily integrate apps such as QuickBooks
  • Send out invoices sooner
  • Reduce quarterly billing time from weeks to one day
  • Management team tasks now sit with admin function

Business benefits:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Achieve strategic objectives sooner

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