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I don’t think we would have been able to scale as fast as we have without Kimble PSA in place. Kimble is something that we live and breathe, it is core to our growth.

Jo Masters, CEO Tquila ANZ

Tquila ANZ is a pure play Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner which helps customers transform their businesses by delivering integrated solutions. CEO Jo Masters said Kimble has helped Tquila “to deal with very aggressive growth”. She added: “Kimble is a single source of the truth. We can all see it online – we look at it every day. It helps us to manage the business and make decisions quickly and easily.”

Tquila uses Kimble to manage engagements from pre-sales effort through to invoicing and financial reporting. Accurate invoices are now generated within 24 to 48 hours. Resources are managed more proactively, and accurate forecasts enable business leaders to take a more forward-looking view.

Prior to adopting Kimble PSA, Tquila ran their business from a series of spreadsheets. They selected Kimble because of its rich functionality and because it is embedded in the Salesforce platform. The implementation process was smooth. Tquila is now working in close partnership with Kimble. “We own that partnership as much as Kimble does. Kimble is very much aligned to our culture.”

Jo Masters said:

“We have seen great adoption – from day one everyone adopted Kimble. That has had a lot to do with our change management process and with how easy Kimble PSA is to use”.

Using Kimble, Tquila is able to

  • Track pre-sales effort
  • Monitor time and expenses
  • Manage resources proactively
  • Forecast demand
  • Invoice accurately in days

Business benefits

  • Managed business growth
  • Improved utilization
  • Improved project delivery

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