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Kimble provided a structure that helped spread best practice processes across both businesses and allowed us to create the degree of visibility we needed.

Business Systems Specialist Debbie Bostak

Crawford Technologies, an award-winning, global provider of software and services solutions for document accessibility and output management, initially purchased Kimble because they were acquiring an IT services company. They needed a PSA in order to run both businesses to the same cadence and using the same metrics.

Business Systems Specialist Debbie Bostak said: “We had just acquired a business unit that is a solely services operation. We had to get a PSA in place for this business to plan, invoice, track time and create reports.”

After a short implementation of less than a month, Kimble went live with core functions in the IT services business. “The services business unit has since been able to drive some best practices in terms of metrics, resource management, and reporting.”

Four months after adopting Kimble in the IT services business, Crawford Technologies rolled out Kimble PSA to the software business, which has produced an uptick in utilization, greater visibility and better communication across the business.

Adopting Kimble PSA across Crawford Technologies has enabled business leaders to analyze the reasons resources are booking non billable time on projects and develop strategies to ensure that the business is able to bill for the work that it’s doing. Kimble also helps enforce a regular cadence around collection of time and expense data, which feeds into the production of more accurate invoices sooner.

“The ability to connect from end to end is really important. Our utilization has gone up. We can see opportunities sooner and understand the resourcing requirements. We have more visibility of how the business is doing as a whole. There are fewer errors in data, such as expenses. Invoicing is so much easier. We keep better track of where revenue is coming from and when, and that has reduced revenue leakage.”

With Kimble, Crawford Technologies is able to:

  • Ensure consistent measurement across business units
  • Get visibility across the organization
  • Keep to a cadence of time and expense data collection
  • Understand resourcing requirements to upcoming projects
  • Dispatch invoices sooner

Business benefits

  • Quicker alignment with acquired business unit
  • Reduced revenue leakage
  • Increase in billable utilization

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