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Every week we develop our use of Kimble in ways that help us build a pathway to continuous improvement

Alice Jones-Evans, Executive Manager Business Improvement at Esri UK

Esri UK works across the public and private sector, helping organizations visualize and understand their data and use spatial intelligence to make better decisions.

Alice Jones-Evans said: “Project managers love having a single system. All the information related to an engagement is on one page where previously they would have had to go to multiple systems. They can invoice quicker, understand revenue figures quicker. They have more insight around margin and cost, which was a bit more hidden in our old systems”.

Business leaders can also access dashboards that give insight into various areas of the business, “We can very easily see the day rates at which proposals are sold and slice and dice that in various ways. We have good conversations with our colleagues in sales around that.”

There is also a health and wellbeing dashboard which monitors KPIs such as workload – both in terms of utilization and project turnover. “Someone might be working at 90% with one customer and they may be fine, but someone else is at 60% utilization but they have nine different projects with nine different PMs and customers – and they are spinning too many plates. We can also look at what is planned for each person.”

Peter Wilkinson, Head of PS, Esri UK, said they already had a very established business culture. “Kimble fits right into that. The health and wellbeing dashboard is one way we are making use of Kimble to support consultants, and we are building on that.”

Another key benefit is that Esri UK “has more confidence that the data is accurate and reliable. When the data was going through a few different spreadsheets, there was that concern that errors could creep in. Now we have one source of the truth and if there are problems, they are a little bit easier to spot, and to correct.”

Wilkinson said forecasting is now “much easier – it just happens.” There is no longer a need to collate information from different places. “Resourcing is now linked to all other parts of the end-to-end [system], which drives increased forecasting accuracy. It is in the same place as the skills map, it is automatically updated to take account of leavers and joiners. It is linked to invoicing. Our whole operation is smoother and we really appreciate the insight we are able to get.”

Using Kimble, Esri UK is able to

  • Enhance consultant support
  • Trust the reliability of their data
  • Understand pipeline
  • See what is coming towards them
  • Invoice more quickly

Business benefits

  • Increased predictability
  • Improved cashflow
  • Improved employee experience

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