4sl: Scaling Up to Deliver Multiple Projects

The challenges facing 4sl

4sl is an IT services company providing consultancy, project and managed services to enterprise organizations, primarily around storage, archive and backup. Having won a large contract that needed to deliver pan-European services with a large 4sl team, senior management recognized they needed to address the increased requirements for resource and project management.

Operating in the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Germany and India, and with the new account running across EMEA, 4sl also needed an integrated toolset to be able to deliver multiple concurrent projects on a multi-currency, multi-region basis.

Overcoming its business hurdles

Stuart Tarrant, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, says: “We’d won an account leveraging our project delivery capability, rather than our managed services, that required the rapid build-out of a new team of consultants so they could hit the ground running.

“We already had an established project management office that we used for our storage and backup business. But because the new contract required running ten times as many projects concurrently, we needed a more sophisticated tool and process management function.

“We had previously used Salesforce for CRM and began looking into professional services automation tools in May. After an excellent demo from Kimble’s partners,  Felber Consulting, we chose Kimble and it was implemented and delivering value to us by July.”

Outcomes for 4sl

“We were pleased with how quickly we could get projects under management in Kimble,” says Stuart. “Having a single source of data was the biggest benefit for us. We had multiple engagements to manage – some fixed price and some time and material – yet all required real-time reporting, so having a consistent view for both our clients and consultants was key.

“The forecasting capability Kimble provides is also an advantage. We were able to quickly enjoy visibility of utilization in a consistent manner, which allowed us to manage resources much more effectively.”

Because the new account represented a significant part of the business for 4sl, it changed behavior in the consultancy and Kimble provided a catalyst for encouraging best practice across the team.

“The mobile app also made it much easier to get our consultants to fill out their time sheets and expenses – never anyone’s favorite part of the job! By making it more accessible, we could encourage consultants to fill them out more frequently which meant that the data was more accurate.

“Kimble played a key role in enabling our consultants and project managers to deliver great work for a complex and dynamic client,” concludes Stuart.