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Resource Management

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Resource Management with Kimble

Kimble takes a holistic and proactive approach to resource management so managers can make impactful and strategic decisions every time. Kimble provides a simple solution to narrowing down the best-fit resources for every project. All resource details are in one place — including, but not limited to — availability, utilization levels, skills, experience, and cost.

Kimble makes it easy to balance supply and demand for not only the now, but the foreseeable future. We recognize that informed decisions made today must take into account future demand and upcoming organizational goals. Kimble reduces the silos that tend to exist between teams, fostering collaboration and awareness of how adjustments across the organization can impact resourcing decisions.

Visibility Into Both Sides of the Supply and Demand Equation

Kimble allows resource managers to see both sides of the supply and demand equation — the work that needs to be done on one side and the resources available to do it on the other. This helps resource managers make impactful decisions that maximize utilization, profitability, and keep the end client satisfied.

Kimble makes it easy to view open roles, with the ability to quickly prioritize demand, drill into details, narrow down the best available resources and take action immediately on roles that need to be filled. All resource data is readily available and up-to-date, so there’s no need to wait for the weekly staffing meeting to make an assignment change that would deliver better results for your customer or your business.

Kimble provides multiple resourcing views, allowing you to take a holistic view of capacity in an upcoming period, to see all resources dedicated to a specific account, or focus on filling one open assignment. Kimble proactively tells you where you have resources that will be waiting on the bench for work, as well as where you have resources that may be over-committed or over-utilized and are likely to cause delays or constraints.

It is very difficult to manage resources effectively with spreadsheets. Kimble makes this easier. At a glance, we can see who is on what and how we can reallocate them. We can look ahead and plan better. This also helps with recruitment.

Winnie Armah, Chief Operating Officer Winnie Armah, Innovation Unit

Assign the Most Skilled Resources to Projects

Kimble scores resources based on their skills and availability match for open demand, helping you make decisions about which resources are right for a project that weigh all factors, including capabilities, preferences, experience, availability, and resource cost rate.

Once you find the ideal resource, it’s easy to get them assigned – you can drag and drop assignments to book a resource, or you can propose multiple candidates if you want the team to consider more than one resource for an assignment. Kimble can even be configured to automatically propose candidates or automatically assign the best available resource for an open assignment.

“Our key challenges are managing our bench and pipeline and having the insight that allows us to ensure that our utilization is at its optimum level. The bottom line is the most important thing. Making revenue predictions and understanding where we’re going to be in the future is the most critical piece of information to us. It was wanting this information that led us to Kimble.”

— Michael Cizmar, Managing Director, MC+A

Shape Staffing Decisions with Pipeline In Mind

No other solution factors in future pipeline capacity as holistically as Kimble, ensuring resource planning focuses on incoming as well as existing business needs — all from one single view. Kimble’s resourcing dashboards and views give resourcing managers a sense of what resources and what skills will be needed to accommodate potential projects, when they would be needed, and how likely they are to be needed. This helps resource managers create demand forecasts that are accurate and can be trusted when making hiring and training plans.

There are financial consequences of being both under- and over-staffed — getting this right is only possible with a view into current and upcoming resource demand. Kimble’s seamless connection with CRM keeps pipeline data current, and our real-time forecasting engine automatically updates forecasts based on changes made to ongoing projects, meaning you know when resources are expected to roll off their assignments.

Kimble makes it easy to focus attention on deals that have reached a high enough probability that they need proposed candidates or committed resources. You can soft-book resources as candidates and compare proposed candidates for an assignment to see their fit for the role and the impact assigning them would have on the project margin. Kimble enables resource managers to approach the planning process proactively, reducing the chances of last-minute surprises that leave your team scrambling to find the right resources; instead you’ll be in a position to earmark resources against projects early and pencil in the best-fit team well before the contract is signed.

The ability to connect from end to end is really important. Our utilization has gone up. We can see opportunities sooner and understand the resourcing requirements. We have more visibility of how the business is doing as a whole.

Debbie Bostak, Business Systems Specialist, Crawford Technologies

Align Teams and Foster Collaboration

Kimble aligns all the teams that have the potential to impact resourcing decisions, from sales to delivery to the back office. Access to one version of the truth about projects and resources breaks down the silos that tend to exist between business units and departments, and allows everyone to understand how their decisions impact the larger resource plan. Kimble acts as a collaboration hub where everyone can provide feedback and input — which ensures the most informed and strategic resource decisions are being made with key factors in mind.

Resource managers can align and collaborate with sales to shape the resource plan for projects, creating placeholder resource demand to model the assignment rate, cost, duration, and utilization until a resource is assigned. Aligning sales and resourcing teams means there is an opportunity to build the perfect team early in the project lifecycle.

Kimble empowers project managers to understand the impact of project delays, overages, and scope changes on the resource plan and the budget. Project managers can always see conflicting assignments and utilization levels, meaning in-the-moment decisions about resourcing take account of the bigger picture. That includes the impact of splitting or extending assignments on project margin.

“We don’t want to chuck people at engagements – we want our consultants to be able to develop their skills and experience and Kimble helps us to achieve that.”

— Winnie Armah, Chief Operating Officer Winnie Armah, Innovation Unit

Maintain Optimal Utilization Levels

Resource management requires a delicate balance between getting under-utilized resources off the bench and burnt out resources time to refuel. In professional services, a billable day is a perishable item – you can’t get back the cost of a resource that spent a day without a project and its subsequent revenue.

Kimble provides org-wide visibility, helping businesses break out of siloed mindsets focused on conventional team and business unit structures, enabling them to flex resources into roles and assignments they might not typically be sought out for, but for which they might be well-suited.

Kimble also helps you find projects for resources on the bench –– our bench optimization workflow highlights resources who are currently forecast to be underutilized for an upcoming period, and allows you to search for open assignments that these resources can take on.

Over 489% ROI achieved using Kimble*

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*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

489% ROI in just 3 years using Kimble PSA*

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

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