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Project Management with Kimble

Kimble makes it easy for project managers to access all of the necessary data required to make the most informed decisions once a project is underway. Successful project managers have a firm handle on the scope, risks, timeline, resource needs, and financial implications of every project. Kimble understands that all these variables are interconnected and makes it easy for project managers to see the bigger picture and widespread implications of every decision they make.

The difference between profitable projects or costly failures is how well a project manager handles the inevitable changes that do arise. Kimble flags project managers when changes or risks threaten a project and gives them the opportunity to mitigate those risks before it’s too late. Kimble recognizes that such changes impact more than just the timeline or quality of a project — always taking in mind the commercial aspect and resourcing impacts of any adjustments made.

Manage Projects with the Bottom Line in Mind

Kimble helps project managers keep an eye on project profitability, with clear visibility at all times of how the projected project margin is performing against the baseline. Kimble’s revenue forecasting engine updates project financials in real-time, making it easy to see the impacts of changes to the project plan on the project budget and on the business as a whole.

All the financial data associated with each engagement is updated in real-time and displayed prominently on the Kimble Engagement Dashboard. Cost and revenue metrics, margins, estimate to complete, resource rates, and performance against budget can all be accessed with one click by not only the project manager, but all delivery team members, resource managers, and even executives.

Kimble tracks and burns down purchase orders, warning you when PO is running out so that you can ensure invoices are undisputed and paid promptly. Kimble also reduces the administrative effort required to get from doing work for customers to receiving payment for that work – that’s because what you invoice your clients is based directly on the work performed and expenses incurred.

Previously, we didn’t have visibility into gross margin at project level. Obviously, you watch margin at the company executive level but that visibility wasn’t filtering down. Now everybody has visibility of the financial health of their projects – that is a big plus for us.

Chris Positano, Vice President of Implementation Services, Accelogix

Access Data that Keeps Projects on Track

Kimble makes it easy for everyone on the project to input any changes in timeline or scope — so the project manager always has an accurate view of what has been done and what work is still required — even if that varies from the original plan.

Kimble’s Project and Portfolio Manager keeps in mind the fact that project managers tend to manage a number of in-flight projects at the same time. There is one dashboard you can turn to for any engagement, regardless of if they are across an entire program or a portfolio spanning multiple accounts. This dashboard includes risks, issues, status updates, milestones, work breakdown structures and real-time views of project financials across all engagements a project manager is currently working on.

“Since adopting Kimble PSA, our company has grown exponentially, with projects running to time, resource and budget. This technology provides greater foresight, enabling us to plan better and grow our company in the right areas at the right time.”

— Alan Crawley, Managing Partner, Optima Partners

Proactively Manage Change Before It’s Too Late

Kimble simplifies the process of change order management, flagging project managers to numerous change indicators, including, but not limited to, missed milestones, unresolved project issues, and low remaining usage. Project managers can easily see when a change order is required and gives them the opportunity to mitigate such change before it has major implications across the business. The change can be pushed through an approval workflow process and is automatically reflected in the sales pipeline and resource demand forecast.

Kimble’s Operational Management Dashboard is where project managers can easily see where changes are required to hit the quality, timeline, or budget goals for every engagement. Kimble shows all drafted, approved, committed, and closed invoices, expenses, and timesheets for each week of the project — and project managers can take quick action when any of these seem to be creeping out of the original estimate.

Flag Risks and Issues Before They Impact Customers and Profits

Kimble brings risks and issues to project success to the forefront, making it easy for project managers to approach them proactively and reduce the chances of surprises during the delivery phase. Kimble’s Intelligent Insights guide project managers to priority actions that need to be taken in order to keep project delivery on track – like where PO cover is low or where an assignment is low on remaining usage. The Project Governance Center allows project managers to make adjustments to scope, timeline and resources before profitability or customer satisfaction are impacted.

“It is extremely difficult for a rapidly growing company to understand and manage all the changes that are happening at the same time. You can easily lose control over the business if you don’t have the proper tools to manage long-term projects.”
— Rob Evans, CEO, Velrada

Foster Collaboration Across Teams and with Customers

When a new project is sold, you need confidence that what has been promised is deliverable. Kimble fosters smoother sales-to-delivery handoffs, giving teams one version of the truth to work from for each project.

Kimble provides a collaborative environment where project managers can work with sales to model the scope, budget, and resource plan for projects that are both profitable and achievable. Kimble’s seamless connection with CRM ensures sales opportunities get the bid team support they need, meaning projects have smoother kick-offs, with resources ready to be deployed.

And when it’s time to convert a proposal into an engagement, there’s no data duplication – everything you capture on proposals is automatically reflected on associated projects in real time.

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Connecting and collaborating with your customers during project delivery improves outcomes and builds stronger customer relationships.

Using Kimble’s Customer Community, you can collaborate and share project information with your customers. You decide what information about a project you share with customers in the Customer Community. Your customers can review delivery progress on their engagements and approve items requiring their attention such as time, expenses, invoices, change orders, planning milestones, and requests for time off.

If a customer has pre-purchased services – through a framework agreement or deposit – they can request work that will draw down on that service arrangement through the Customer Community.

“Installing Kimble when we did allowed us to improve our service to clients while also automating many of the tiresome tasks which are necessary, but didn’t improve the business or our clients’ experience. Whereas previously effort was concentrated on simply getting information such as expenses, timesheets and P&Ls into and out of the system, it’s now a given the information is in there and correct and consultants can focus on other things.”

— Martin Yapp, Client Services Director, DMW

Speed up Time and Expense Submission and Approval

Kimble’s predictive timesheets suggest time entries for each day based on the user’s assigned work. When time is entered, Kimble automatically recalculates other suggested time entries for the day, streamlining the entire time capture process and increasing timesheet compliance.

Kimble provides multiple options that make sure your team can submit time and expenses quickly from wherever they are – they can set a timer to track their work, take pictures of receipts to automatically generate expense claims, and work on the go in the Kimble mobile app, which allows online and offline time and expense entry.

Expense categories, period rate bands, and allowances control what can be submitted for your projects, and users can only enter time and expenses against projects they have been assigned to, ensuring you spend less time dealing with timesheet and expense claim rejections.

Over 489% ROI achieved using Kimble*

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*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

489% ROI in just 3 years using Kimble PSA*

*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting

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