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Delivery Features

Project Budget Manager

Real-time actual and projected revenue/cost is compared with a baseline budget, providing managers with an up-to-date view of actuals and forecasts so that they can make better planning decisions.

Risks & Issues Management

Comprehensive management of risks and issues reporting, allowing risk-based pricing and contingency management. Management has complete visibility of project governance allowing critical items to be addressed quickly.

Project Status Reporting

Allows weekly project statuses to be recorded, including Red-Amber-Green flags, providing complete visibility of project delivery.

Engagement Dashboards

Real-time engagement and portfolio dashboards bring together all key commercial, risk, issues and progress data onto one screen. The single view of baseline, actuals and forecast allow deviations to be identified and managed.

Context-Sensitive Intelligent Insights

More than 20 insights prompt managers to stay proactive e.g. ensuring there is sufficient purchase order cover, that imminent project phases are activated and resourced, and that all invoiceable items have been processed.

Change Order Manager

Allows project terms to be easily modified and an acceptance approval process is created for the change order, prior to incorporating the commercial changes. The automatic re-baselining ensures that Estimate at Completion values are updated.

Predictive Time Cards

The resource plan and geolocation data pre-populates time cards on behalf of users, enabling one-click submission. Along with expenses, time can be entered online or via mobile.

Expenses Management

Expenses are captured into project commercials in line with the engagement expenses policy. Includes receipt capture and optical character recognition for easy entry.

Project Task Manager

Track project tasks (waterfall and agile), effort at completion and dependencies in a detailed Gantt view, allowing project performance to be monitored and effort rebalanced.

Approval Routing Engine

Guides project approvals for timesheets, expenses, milestones, invoices, etc. to the appropriate people. Each project can be configured differently, ensuring appropriate governance and correct critical transactions.

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