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You have bottlenecks.
We have a solution.

Kimble's Professional Services Automation (PSA) software helps services organizations make better decisions sooner, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing resource utilization, profitability, and business scalability.

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In order to meet new and unique customer demands and retain top talent, businesses need to be able to move quickly around organizational bottlenecks, making decisions as close to their customers as possible.

Our solution is proven to increase organizational agility, putting valuable insights into the hands of services professionals and empowering them to make better decisions that improve business performance — with Kimble, utilization and EBITDA increase, DSO and operational expenditure go down, and top-line revenue grows more than 25% over the industry average.

Follow the lifecycle of a project below — from proposing a realistic scope to invoicing the customer for billable time and milestones — and see some of the critical decision-making bottlenecks that Kimble eliminates.

Can We Win This?

Kimble’s seamless connection with CRM means projects have smoother kick-offs. When a new opportunity arises, sales and project delivery teams work collaboratively in Kimble to shape a deal that can be successfully won and delivered. Kimble helps the business assess the viability and profitability of a proposal as it evolves so that what is sold is achievable.

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Can We Staff This?

Kimble streamlines the process of finding the right resource for the right project. Resource managers get a real-time view of the combined resourcing impact of all current project work and pipeline. Kimble’s real-time forecasting engine helps balance supply and demand, enabling bench optimization and proactive hiring.

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Can We Deliver This?

Kimble provides users the tools they need to run projects that satisfy both customers and the business — dashboards include risks, issues, status updates, milestones, work breakdown structures, and real-time views of project financials. And Kimble’s Intelligent Insights guide users to take actions that keep projects on track — like addressing low PO cover.

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Can We Bill For This?

Kimble ensures what you invoice your clients is based directly on the time and expenses your resources submit. Customers using Kimble take fewer days to close financial periods and fewer days to bill customers. Thanks to Kimble’s revenue forecasting engine, it’s also easier to see the impacts of changes to the project plan on the project budget and on the business as a whole.

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Can The Business Grow In A Scalable Way?

Kimble provides business leaders the information they need about future performance to feed sustainable business growth.

Kimble’s real-time forecasting engine populates executive dashboards with diagnostic analytics focused on KPIs, trends, forecast accuracy, and more, enabling executive teams to plan strategically and assess areas of the business that might limit growth and scalability.

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Can Our Technology And Processes Scale With Us?

The technology and processes you use to manage your organization need to be able to scale along with the business. If they can’t, they will slow the organization down as it changes and act as bottlenecks on growth.

Kimble is built and supported by experts who know from experience what drives services success and operational excellence. That experience is baked directly into the Kimble solution, meaning Kimble is uniquely equipped to support project-based businesses in an ever-changing marketplace, giving them a solution that helps them scale and that can scale with them as their businesses grow and change.

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