Understanding GDPR and its Implications for your Professional Services Business

How are US-based businesses likely to be impacted by the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which come into force in the European Union on May 25? What are the implications for professional services businesses which process data for clients? How will data chains be affected and who will manage them? In the latest PS […]

How Do Some Businesses Succeed in Growing to the Next Level?

Founder of aQetas, Dr. Paul Howard is an expert on growing a professional services business. In this fascinating podcast, he looks at how measurement can be used to drive success. But, he also argues, at the end of the day “business aren’t about numbers – they are about people.” The most important thing is having […]

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What does AI mean for Consulting?

Reducing the human effort needed to deliver better results will create new opportunities to innovate, argues consulting entrepreneur Michael Taylor. He sees augmented intelligence as enabling the “creativity, imagination and innovation” of the human consultant and helping them to operate at their best every hour of the day.

Industry-Leading Resourcing Practices

For managing partner Marc Lacroix of resource management consultants RTM, one of the biggest challenges facing the companies he works with is the rapidity of technological change. Being able to deal with that and to see opportunities within it depends on optimum management of the human resources of the business.

Creating a Process-Centric Organization

Operations Director Graham Underwood set up GFT in the UK, growing the turnover from 0 to £50 million in ten years. In the three years to 2015, he took the firm from 1,300 to 4,000 staff. For Underwood, making sure the processes are right is a first step.

What Acquirers Look for in a Consulting Firm

Next up is management consulting guru David Bailey, who founded and grew the consulting firm Impact Plus which was acquired by Hitachi. Later, he went on to acquire other businesses for a range of companies including KPMG. Bailey discusses what makes a business attractive to an acquisitive bigger firm.

Measuring the Health of Consulting Businesses

Investor Steve Anderson, who has successfully built and sold two IT services companies, and advises many others, lays out the steps he takes to assess and improve the performance of professional services businesses. He goes into specifics about his process and explains why companies often underperform.

High-Performance Teams

Award-winning entrepreneur and business writer Dom Moorhouse kicks off the PS Insights series by discussing his belief that the single most important factor in creating a world-beating enterprise is having a great team.

Rule Financial’s Growth Journey on the way to Acquisition

In this fascinating podcast, Gillian Sheeran, CFO of investment banking consultancy Rule Financial, talks through some of the challenges and successes the company faced from 2010 until their acquisition by GFT Technologies in June 2014. In the course of the discussion, Sheeran highlights the importance of Kimble in creating ambitious and accurate budgets and forecasts.