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Kimble Enhances Customer Experience with Salesforce Community Cloud

Boston, MA – Dec 7, 2017 – Kimble, a global leader in professional services automation software, today unveils a new add-on product built on the Salesforce Community Cloud to increase the ease with which users can collaborate with their customers. The Kimble Customer Community will enable professional services organizations (PSOs) to share real-time visibility of […]

Kimble Survey Features in “Ignites” Article on Employee Retention

“Ignites,” a Financial Times service for the mutual funds industry, drew on Kimble’s Business Performance and Buy-In Report for a recent feature on staff retention. Headlined “Brand Image: A Potential Retention Killer at Fund Firms” it drew on two surveys indicating that employee’s perception of the company they work for is a key factor in deciding […]

Workers Want More Transparency From Employers – Three Tips on How to Provide it.

by Kimble Co-founder Mark Robinson A survey we conducted this month at Kimble found that three-quarters of employees in the US don’t feel “in the loop” about how the organization they work for is performing. Three out of four say that, while they care about the success of the business, they don’t feel they are […]

Kimble Survey on Employees’ Lack of Insight Into Business Performance Features in HR Dive

Kimble’s recent survey showing that many employees do not feel “in the loop” when it comes to the financial performance of their organization was the basis of a feature in digital magazine “HR Dive”, headlined “Employers are doing a poor job of disclosing financial performance to workers.’  The publication, aimed at HR executives. recommended taking […]

New Survey from Kimble: American Workers Care About the Well-Being of Their Employers Yet Lack Critical Insight into Business Performance

Increased transparency related to business performance would lead to more motivated, engaged employees, according to new survey report from Kimble Boston, MA – November 16, 2017 – An overwhelming majority (75 percent) of American workers care a great deal about the overall business performance of their employer, but very few lack the full insight that […]

Kimble CMO Mark Robinson Advises on Top Skills in the AI Economy

In a special guest feature for digital publication Inside Big Data, Kimble CMO Mark Robinson outlines the top skills employees need to develop in order to thrive in the “AI economy.” More and more business decisions will be guided by artificial intelligence moving forward. While this doesn’t mean that robots will take our jobs, it’s […]