Maximize billable utilization with Kimble
Professional Services Automation software

  • Soft-book resources before work is won
  • Score resources based on best skill and availability match
  • See when resources are expected to roll off current projects


Find the right resources for the right project every time

Kimble provides resource managers what no other solution can – a real-time view of the resourcing impact of all project work that’s currently happening combined with work in the pipeline that’s expected to happen.

Streamlined Resource Planning

It’s easy to fill open demand in Kimble – you can drag and drop assignments to book a resource or propose multiple candidates.

Kimble can recommend the best resource based on factors like required skills and availability.

Sales Engagement

Kimble makes it easy to focus attention on deals that have reached a high enough probability that they need proposed candidates or committed resources.

Our seamless connection with CRM means projects have smoother kick-offs.


Project Management

Project Managers can always see conflicting assignments and utilization levels, meaning in-the-moment decisions about resourcing take account of the bigger picture.

That includes the impact of splitting or extending assignments on project margin.


Accurate Forecasts

With Kimble, you’ll know what skills and roles will be needed to staff projects in the coming weeks and months.

Our real-time forecasting engine enables proactive hiring and keeps project delivery and the business predictable.

Pearson schedules resources earlier, accelerating time to value

Pearson experienced significant benefits when they moved resource planning from home-grown technology to Kimble in 2017. Thanks to Kimble’s seamless connection with Salesforce CRM, they could schedule resources on projects earlier in the sales cycle, giving them confidence that the right team would be deployed to support the product, accelerating time-to-value.

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