After Carillion – Are Fixed-Price Contracts to Blame?

By Kimble VP Global Accounts Chris Mitchell In the wake of the collapse of the major UK construction firm, Carillion, some commentators have questioned the use of fixed-price contracts. But I would argue that they can be successful and effective even for complex projects. Customers like them because they know what they are paying for […]

Kimble Co-founder Advises on New Approaches to Training

Training is currently undergoing disruption, moving from the classroom to the cloud. This process involves more than moving existing material to a new format. It requires a rethink of the whole process, Kimble co-founder and CMO Mark Robinson commented in a blog post for the online technology publication (more…)

Kimble CMO Mark Robinson Advises on How to Provide Transparency

In a thought leadership column for HR Daily Advisor, Kimble co-founder Mark Robinson drew on a Kimble survey “Dedicated but in the Dark“, which found that most employees don’t have full insight into the performance of their organisations, to advise taking a more strategic approach to transparency. (more…)

Workers Want More Transparency From Employers – Three Tips on How to Provide it.

by Kimble Co-founder Mark Robinson A survey we conducted this month at Kimble found that three-quarters of employees in the US don’t feel “in the loop” about how the organization they work for is performing. Three out of four say that, while they care about the success of the business, they don’t feel they are […]

Kimble CMO Mark Robinson Advises on Top Skills in the AI Economy

In a special guest feature for digital publication Inside Big Data, Kimble CMO Mark Robinson outlines the top skills employees need to develop in order to thrive in the “AI economy.” More and more business decisions will be guided by artificial intelligence moving forward. While this doesn’t mean that robots will take our jobs, it’s […]