Reasons Why Technology is Key to Successful Servitization

by Sean Hoban, CEO. Dealing with aggressively competitive global market In today’s aggressively competitive global markets it is increasingly hard to keep competitive differentiation between a company and its competitors. With improvement in the quality of manufacturing production in emerging markets, and the associated off-shoring of manufacturing, it is harder to differentiate on product quality (read more…)

How Kimble PSA Supports Successful Acquisitions and Mergers

By Mark Robinson, CMO. Acquiring another business – or being acquired – is challenging. If the process doesn’t go smoothly it can suck energy out of both parties and distract from the ‘day job’ of selling and delivering services. Where this happens, post-acquisition numbers can take a dip as people get distracted working on the (read more…)

How Keeping Employees Happy Leads to Happier Customers

by Mark Robinson, CMO. This blog was first published in HR Daily Advisor.  Most business leaders would put increased customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list as the best driver of repeat business and sustainable growth. Each new development will be scrutinised to see what the effect is likely to be on customers. (read more…)

Women in Leadership event – “inspiring and motivating”

by Sarah Edwards, Global VP Customer Solutions. I found attending a Women in Leadership conference both inspiring and motivating. This annual event, which was organised by our investor company Accel-KKR, was inspiring because it was an opportunity to meet with and to hear from some truly impressive women. And it was motivating because it was (read more…)

Why Servitization is a Boon for Advanced Economies

by Mike Pilcher, Chief Revenue Officer What is servitization? Servitization is the business change of adding value to a base product and selling advanced services to customers.  These services may be consultation, maintenance, pre-emptive product support, data-driven information services, training, and many others. The key to these services is they are people-driven and these people need (read more…)

Kimble PSA Puts New Levers Into the Hands of Project Managers

By Charles Gustine, Customer Education Consultant,  Project managers have always played a key role in delivering top-notch performance in the services industry. Bringing in Kimble Professional Services Automation (PSA) doesn’t change that. In fact, it makes project managers even more important. Used right, it helps them to punch above their weight and drive improved performance (read more…)

Make Meetings Matter

By Mark Robinson, Cofounder and CMO at Kimble Applications (originally published on HR Daily Advisor) Meetings do matter. Whether virtual or face to face, they are vital to the smooth running of any business. For me, their main importance is as a forum for making timely decisions that will benefit the business. Here are four (read more…)

Kimble’s Approach to GDPR

By Ian Maddison-Roberts Facebook, Google, and Instagram are all facing potential lawsuits under the European Union’s new data privacy regulations GDPR. It will take some time before the courts start to interpret the cases and decide whether these North American behemoths are in breach or not, but the cases have firmly hit home the point (read more…)