Make Meetings Matter

By Mark Robinson, Cofounder and CMO at Kimble Applications (originally published on HR Daily Advisor) Meetings do matter. Whether virtual or face to face, they are vital to the smooth running of any business. For me, their main importance is as a forum for making timely decisions that will benefit the business. Here are four (read more…)

Kimble’s Approach to GDPR

By Ian Maddison-Roberts Facebook, Google, and Instagram are all facing potential lawsuits under the European Union’s new data privacy regulations GDPR. It will take some time before the courts start to interpret the cases and decide whether these North American behemoths are in breach or not, but the cases have firmly hit home the point (read more…)

No Vacation Nation?

In a blog first published on, Kimble co-founder and CMO Mark Robinson describes how to create a workplace culture where employees schedule and take their vacation time.  (more…)

Should You Do Work Email on Vacation or Ignore it?

By Rob Bruce, VP of Product Marketing at Kimble In the travel game “I packed my bag and in it I put my…”, people usually list fun items such as sunglasses, beach towel, Panama hat, that kind of thing. But according to a survey sponsored by Kimble and released this week, the list of what (read more…)

What #GDPRjokes Tell us About the Coming Regulations.

  In a blog first published on, Kimble CMO and co-founder Mark Robinson discusses the effect of the new regulations which come into force on May 25, 2018.  The hashtag #GDPRjokes is currently trending on Twitter. Here is a flavor: “Knock knock. Who’s there? John. The following question is optional and is not a (read more…)