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Webinar | Thrive in the New Normal: Lessons Learned from the 2021 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark

March 24, 2021 – 11:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT
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Why Attend

There’s a growing sense that, after a chaotic 2020, things will trend “back to normal” for professional services businesses in 2021 and beyond. But what if this is the new normal? Not just meeting with co-workers and clients remotely, but all the ways in which professional services organizations have adapted and evolved in order to cope with unpredictability. Many businesses will be relieved to go back to doing things the old way once quarantine and lockdowns are behind us, but in doing so, these businesses may be abandoning practices that would make their organizations more adaptable, more agile, and more resilient.

Join Kimble and Dave Hofferberth, Managing Director of Service Performance Insight, as we looked at what the 2021 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark tells us about why certain businesses have thrived amidst rapid change while others have struggled. In this session, we explored what characteristics are emblematic of these high-performing, future-proofed organizations and ask what strategies and tools put professional services organizations in the best position to succeed, or more accurately, in a position to move quickly to where success can be had.

Featured Topics

  • What distinguishes the organizations that excelled in 2020 from those that did not according to the 2021 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark?
  • What behaviors most predict success across the Service Performance Pillars of Leadership, Client Relations, Talent, Service Execution, and Finance & Operations?
  • What impact is Professional Services Automation having on professional services organizations’ ability to adapt and deliver value to customers?


Dave Hofferberth
Founder & Principal Analyst | Service Performance Insight

R. David Hofferberth, PE, is the founder and principal analyst of Service Performance Insight (SPI Research). He is the co-author of the Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark, the industry-leading annual report on Professional Services (PS) performance. In 1999 he introduced to the market the solution area now known as Professional Services Automation (PSA) when he published the seminal report: Professional Services Automation: Increasing Efficiencies and Profitability in Professional Services Organizations. Dave’s background is extensive in services productivity beginning in the early 1980s. His firm advises professional services firms and solution providers on trends and challenges facing the professional services market, and how technology adoption can accelerate performance and profit.

Charles Gustine
Product Marketing Manager | Kimble

Charles Gustine is a learning & development specialist focused on helping customers find value in the SaaS software they purchase. After eight years of developing training solutions, he is applying an educator’s sensibility to product marketing. At Kimble, he manages product messaging for the only leading software vendor that focuses exclusively on professional services automation (PSA), and applies Kimble’s understanding of the challenges of professional services organizations to market-leading thought leadership content.