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Contino Increases Global Revenue by Over $100 Million with the Support of Kimble PSA

Leading consultancy uses Kimble PSA to improve project margins, forecast accuracy, and resource management processes through acquisition and aggressive phase of growth.


Kimble Applications, the leading provider of cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) solutions, today announced one of their customers — leading digital consultancy Contino — reports significant improvements in global revenue, gross project margin, and forecast accuracy as a result of adopting Kimble PSA.

Contino initially adopted Kimble PSA in 2017 to support predictable project delivery in the face of rapid expansion plans. In the four years that Contino has used Kimble PSA, they have been acquired by Cognizant and increased their global revenue by over $100 million. According to Anil Sharma, SVP of Finance at Contino, the team has trusted Kimble to not only keep up with —but propel — their growth trajectory.

“Kimble aligns well with Contino’s business proposition to its client base. We are an agile and nimble cloud transformation organization. Kimble is wedded to our agile nature which has seen our global business grow from $15 million to over $120 million in four years.”

Sharma reports that Kimble has helped Contino achieve sustainable growth by:

  • Providing forecasts that give an accurate view of future company performance
  • Increasing profitability through the solution’s ability to track gross margin at a project level
  • Enabling better collaboration between sales, delivery, and finance teams, cutting down on the delays and inaccuracies that came from sharing data across spreadsheets
  • Improving billable utilization by providing a complete view of resource data, including skills requirements, cost, and location

Contino began the search for a PSA solution when it became clear that the business needed to streamline their resource management processes and obtain more accurate margin and revenue calculations. Prior to adopting PSA, Contino could not monitor profitability at a client level because calculating gross margin on projects would have been too onerous with the tools available at the time, and the business was managing resources in spreadsheets, a cumbersome process that business leaders knew would not be scalable as the organization grew.

Lack of scalability was one of the primary reasons Contino opted not to continue with the PSA vendor they initially selected before adopting Kimble. After six months of implementation, Sharma made the decision to pull the plug on that solution before the system went live, when it became clear that the PSA would require enormous amounts of customization and configuration, and would not meet Contino’s needs as the business continued to grow.

Kimble PSA, in contrast, has proven to be a reliable and trusted resource for Contino throughout its rapid expansion. It has provided decision-makers a clear picture of how the business is performing, and has supported detailed and accurate business forecasting.

“From a forecasting perspective, Kimble has been a massive improvement for us as a business,” says Sharma. “We have reliable and robust forecasts all the way from revenue, gross margin to EBITDA level. And Kimble has massively helped us monitor and improve gross margin performance. What Kimble has enabled us to do is capture – seamlessly, just by running reports – the gross margin at both a client and project level. That’s allowed us to scale the business.”

“We are excited to share the tremendous results Contino has achieved in its four years using Kimble PSA, and are delighted that our solution has played a significant part in the incredible growth journey the business is on, from a rapidly growing start-up to its acquisition by Cognizant and beyond,” says Geoff Pople, Kimble’s Chief Customer Officer. “The insights Contino have shared speak to one of our core objectives at Kimble, which is to provide a solution that is robust enough to help businesses transform and grow, and also flexible enough to transform and grow alongside them.”

To learn more about how Contino leverages Kimble to support its objectives as an award-winning, global digital consultancy, read the entire customer story here.