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Kimble Tops All Leading Enterprise PSAs in Customer Satisfaction on G2

Boston MA, December 16, 2020

Kimble, the global leader in professional services automation (PSA), is now ranked #1 in enterprise usability. It also tops all leading enterprise PSAs in customer satisfaction, according to the most recent quarterly report from independent review site G2.

Of all the top enterprise PSAs, Kimble continues to lead the field in user adoption and return on investment in G2’s Overall Grid Report for Professional Services Automation.

Enterprise users scored Kimble highest in usability based on user adoption, ease of use and administration, and how well Kimble meets enterprise requirements. Kimble also leads its peers in the mid-market usability index.

Kimble again leads the enterprise and mid-market relationship indexes. This standing is based on customers’ ratings of the quality of support and ease of doing business, as well as their likelihood to recommend Kimble. Kimble also maintained its longstanding #1 ranking in mid-market results.

Kimble CEO for International, Sarah Edwards said:

“We are delighted to see the success of our customers as reflected in these rankings. An increasing number of enterprise companies use Kimble to bring predictability to their businesses. We work very closely with them, enhancing and modifying the product according to their feedback. These results demonstrate the success of our customer-centric approach.”

Kimble also continues in a leading position in G2’s Resource Management and Project Management solution categories. Kimble took the top spot in the overall relationship index for Resource Management and is also now ranked as the leading enterprise PSA for overall results in Project Management. The results rating is based on estimated ROI, how well the solution meets requirements, user adoption, and likelihood to recommend.