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Racial Awareness Helps to Build Strong Teams

A Positive Response to Kimble’s Discussion Series on Race

Many Kimble employees chose to participate in a recent series of facilitated discussions on issues around race and diversity which was offered as an internally-organised training opportunity. Feedback was very positive with participants saying they found it “interesting”, “thought-provoking” and “enjoyable”.

Head of PS Sales David Woodhead commented:

“I enjoyed having open discussion with my colleagues on a subject that wasn’t directly work related. Their thoughts about race and society were really interesting and it was also a safe space for people to share personal stories.

He added: “It was illuminating to consider things from varying points of view and the whole experience was positive in terms of team-building. It is important that we build on this process and really challenge ourselves to create tangible initiatives for diversity and opportunity both inside and outside the company.”

PMO Analyst Holly Fennell said:

“I did all the recommended reading and I learned a lot. I particularly enjoyed the writing of Robin DiAngelo. She comes from a position as a white person who is very aware of issues around race and it made a lot of sense to me.”

“I have never really thought about these issues in quite this way before, even though I have a lot of friends from diverse backgrounds, I think it has made me more aware and hopefully more understanding. I also feel as if it has given me a good basis to have conversation in my wider community.”

The discussion series was facilitated by Kimble Director of Alliances, Tommy Jarvis. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, he participated in a programme on racial awareness in his community. ”I offered to run the same programme for Kimble employees and the company was supportive. I was pleased with the number of people who participated.”

“The burden of confronting and dealing with racism is often left to non-white people, but in these sessions we tried to create the opportunity for some self-reflection and learning. That was a good basis for listening to each other’s stories and for developing better mutual understanding and recognition.”

Kimble CEO for International Sarah Edwards said:

“Supporting diversity is a key value both for Kimble and for me personally. This process was an opportunity to reflect on the degree to which we are doing this successfully and to hear ideas and input from across the organization about how we can do better. A key takeaway from the sessions was that we can and should always go further and shouldn’t rest on our laurels.”


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