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Kimble PSA Ranks First for Results in G2 Summer 2020 Report

Boston, June 22, 2020

Kimble Applications, the global leader in professional services automation (PSA), leads the field on the key metrics of return on investment and adoption, helping businesses to solve the challenges that matter so much today. Additionally, for the first time, Kimble is a leader in three distinct software categories — project management, resource management, and PSA.

Kimble, a perennial leader in the mid-market results index, continues in the #1 spot it has held for the past year-and-a-half. It also continues to lead in adoption, return on investment, and median number of users among enterprise PSAs. Of all enterprise PSAs who are also leaders in the resource management grid and project management grids, Kimble scores highest in user adoption. Kimble has now been ranked as a leader in the Momentum Grid for two years.

Kimble Co-Founder and CMO Mark Robinson said:

“I am delighted to see that once again Kimble leads the way on adoption and ROI. It’s great to get this feedback from customers that we don’t cut and run when we go live — it’s all about delivering on our promises. We form very strong relationships with our customers for the long term — Kimble grows with them.”

Kimble Chief Adoption Officer Peter Fitzpatrick said:

“At Kimble, we don’t declare victory the day we go live. We consider that to be the start of the journey and we work in close partnership to ensure all users realize the benefits of our software. We strive to be adaptable and to grow with the customer. The results from the G2 report and the content of our customers’ reviews demonstrate that customers are using Kimble to increase automation, to produce more accurate forecasts, and to manage resources and projects more proactively.”

Some Recent Reviews on the G2 Site

“Our turnover has doubled this year. I don’t think we could have managed this without Kimble . . . Better information means that we are now able to pinpoint where things are going well and not so well in our business. There are areas which have obviously been an issue for some time but we didn’t know. With Kimble, we have a clear view of where we need to act.”

— Mid-Market reviewer, May 2020

“Kimble has allowed us to further automate our processes to provide better efficiency utilizing a consolidated toolset. Easy to use interface for consultants to use as well as lots of tools for the project management team …Kimble has allowed us to strengthen our revenue forecasting processes – utilizing revenue milestones in Kimble. These revenue milestones are tracked across engagements, product codes, and various lines of business. This allows various roles across the organization to have better visibility into upcoming items. Using these milestone dates has greatly increased our forecast accuracy. We track upcoming milestone dates using built-in reports and dashboards.”

— Enterprise reviewer, April 2020

“Having a single source of real-time information at our fingertips is extremely useful, and enables us to be agile in our decision making.”

— Mid-Market reviewer May 2020

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