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Kimble CMO Mark Robinson Contributes Articles to Forbes, HR Daily Advisor, TLNT

From advising how to onboard your new hires at start-up speed, to explaining why people are keen to work for growing companies, Kimble CMO Mark Robinson has contributed several articles based on his experience to a range of leading business publications recently.

In an article for the Forbes Technology Council community voice, Mark gave tips on using data wisely, to inform better decision-making. Continuing the theme of how to derive the maximum benefit from technology, Mark identified some keys to successful implementation, advising:

“Don’t be afraid to celebrate that initial successful go-live. By all means, crack open the bubbly, and congratulate the team on their great work. But remember to also prepare for the next phase. Implementation and adoption are not over until the benefits that were identified at the planning stage have been achieved.”

For HR Daily Advisor, Mark explored Kimble’s recent growth survey, focussing on the finding that the vast majority of survey respondents want to work for rapidly-expanding business. He commented that in a growing business:

“With more work coming through the door and new roles being created, there is generally more of a chance to develop new skills and expertise and to take on a bigger job. There is always a lot going on—and rarely a dull moment.”

Another finding of the survey was that getting a paycheck at the end of the month is not what people see as the most important reason to show up at work – they are keen to do work they see as meaningful. This was the subject of two of Mark’s earlier posts for HR Daily Advisor. In an article on ‘The Importance of Creating a Culture of Meaningful Work“, Mark wrote:

’‘Aristotle said that where your talents and the needs of the world coincide, there lies your vocation. I think that is as good a definition as any. Playing to your strengths and finding a role where these are valued is likely to lead to work that is fulfilling to you and useful to others.’

And in a follow-up piece on how to provide the experience of doing meaningful work for employees, Mark urged ‘Let Your People Grow’, adding:

“People develop best if you have a culture of autonomy and accountability where they can take ownership of their work and make decisions.”

On another aspect of employee engagement, Mark shared with readers of HR publication TLNT some of the lessons he has learned about how to support new hires as they dive into the ‘deep end’ environment of a fast-growing company.

“Encouraging people to make mistakes and try things is key. Where people have the autonomy to actually make decisions, they will develop skills more quickly and contribute more effectively.”

On a lighter note, Mark also contributed to a piece on what he is currently reading for the Salesforce AppExchange blog channel.