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Video: Keys to Generating Accurate Forecasts

by Charles Gustine, Product Marketing Manager


Kimble is committed to changing the conversation around timesheet compliance – so committed, in fact, that the latest release of Kimble PSA introduces Intelligent Time Capture, a set of consultant-centric features that prompted Enterprise Times to wonder if Kimble had finally “cracked the code for PSA adoption”.

As this excerpt from our November 2018 London customer conference shows, Kimble’s commitment to empowering and engaging consultants and building a culture of bottom-up decision-making through automation goes back much further than the launch of its Summer 19 release.

This philosophy has been Kimble’s guiding principle since the company’s founding, and has been baked into our PSA solution from the outset. Every Kimble release innovates new ways to help our customers align their businesses and drive forecasts they can trust.

Kimble events like our Kimble Connect conference series provide an interactive forum where we have the opportunity to learn from our customers, and our customers can gain some insight from us. In this session, leaders of Kimble’s services division led a breakout session focused on what factors typically block organizations from having accurate forecasts, and what strategies might work to overcome those blockers.

One of the main topics covered in the conversation was timesheet compliance. As Andy Bowers, Kimble’s head of Platform Operations, stated: “There is a cultural acceptance that timesheets are nasty horrible things that people chase you down for…but fundamentally they are the heartbeat of everything.” Without time in, you do not know what your committed revenues are, and that affects your resourcing. So, how, he posits, can you devolve the responsibility surrounding timesheets down the organization to ensure more prompt billing and accurate forecasting? You can check out the video above to see what he recommends, just one of many helpful tips that emerged from this particular conversation with the businesses that use Kimble PSA.

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