Using Data to Boost Employee Engagement in 2018 – Kimble Surveys Quoted

An article in digital communications magazine Ragan compiled statistics on employee engagement from surveys conducted in 2017, and advised that business leaders draw on this information to address the issues raised in 2018.

A key finding from Kimble Applications’ Billing and Burnout Report, that 35 percent of professionals feel burned out from the excess hours they put into their work, was featured.

Another statistic, from Kimble’s survey on transparency, The Business Performance and Buy-In Report, was also mentioned. It showed that a majority (75 percent) of U.S. workers care a great deal about the overall business performance of their employer, but a minority (23 percent) say they have full insight into how their organizations are actually doing.

Other findings were that only a third of US employees and 15% of global workers say they feel committed to their jobs; only 41% feel their employer is helping them to achieve career growth; and only ten percent rate their employee experience as ten out of ten, with a quarter saying their employer does not invest time or money in creating a positive employee experience.

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