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Why Intellectually-Stimulating Work Is More Powerful Than Wages and How to Provide It

In a feature for HR Daily Advisor, Kimble CMO and co-founder Mark Robinson draws on his many years of experience as a manager to advise on creating and retaining high-performance teams.

Referring to the findings of a survey of hundreds of professionals which showed that the most important factor in job satisfaction was the chance to do intellectually-stimulating work, Mark wrote: “In my experience, when people are very engaged with their work, they don’t tend to leave the organization even if the wages are not quite as high as may be elsewhere. It’s when things slow down and employees are bored or unchallenged, that they take that call from the recruiter.”

Putting together a high-performing team, doing great work, and making sure that both the individuals and the organization are progressing towards their goals are key strategies for recruiting and retaining ambitious and motivated staff.

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