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2014 – Winner of the Salesforce Innovation Challenge

We are pleased to report that Kimble won the ISV Innovation Award at the Salesforce Partner Awards held on Thursday 8th May 2014. The awards are for outstanding contribution and partnership with Salesforce.com in 2013 and Kimble’s award was given to what Salesforce.com termed “The Most Innovative App Exchange Application”.

Daniel Keating (President & COO of Kimble US) commented; “We were genuinely stoked to have received this award and see it as recognition of Kimble’s success in leveraging the full capabilities of the Force.com platform to provide a more complete experience for our customers. The operation of our mobile applications; smarter integration with CRM for better forecasting and our collaborative approach to resourcing are good examples of what we have been able to deliver and that differentiate us from other applications on the platform.”

With over 2,000 applications on their platform we were understandably very proud to be recognized at the top of this list. Of course we are even prouder to hear from our customers of the improvements to profitability they are attributing to their adoption of Kimble in their business.