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Bishopsgate Financial selects Kimble

We are pleased to announce that rapidly growing Bishopsgate Financial has has formally announced the implementation of Kimble across their business.   Mike Hampson, CEO of Bishopsgate Financial commented ‘Bishopsgate Financial reached a number of milestones last year which meant that implementing a management solution was imperative to the continued growth of the company.  Kimble is positioned in such a way that stakeholders and members of our organization can benefit from the holistic focus on business improvement’.  

Bishopsgate Financial are a leading management consultancy who deliver change management to the international banking marketplace.  ‘Kimble has been designed to easily provide the type of forward looking information which fast growing services firms need to plan their strategic development’, said Sean Hoban, CEO of Kimble.  ‘Kimble is rapidly becoming the must-have system for ambitious and successful firms like Bishopsgate Financial’.

For more information about Bishopsgate Financial contact: www.bishopsgate-financial.com