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Salesforce buys Radian6 for $340m

Facebook has just announced their acquisition of Radian6 although if you follow us on [email protected] or
Facebook then you would already know that!

While many of the established software players continue to buy up ‘legacy’ license sales companies (see Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, etc), seems intent on buying up software companies who are targeted at providing services to exploit the new shifts in cloud-based computing.  Radian6 provides corporates with software tools to monitor what is being posted or tweeted about them on the internet so they can react quickly.  In the consumer-led IT world the PR department can no longer wait to respond to formal letters from disgruntled customers in their own time.  Now they need to respond to situations at a pace set by the consumers.  This deal comes close on the heels of the’s Heroku acquisition.  Heroku is a similar concept to and provides a platform for developers using open source technology and is increasingly popular for social, collaborative and real-time applications such as Facebook, Groupon, Hulu, Signals and Twitter.

Whilst Social media is clearly causing an impact in the business world, it is the speed of the impact that is more significant.  Just as people are becoming comfortable with the shift to the cloud a second phase is now taking place (known as cloud 2).  In this phase social media is key and the enterprise will be at the forefront.  Whilst we have long been predicting this shift and Kimble has been designed to take advantage of this, even we are amazed at the speed of change.