Webinar | Five Steps To Devolved Accountability

As professional services organizations grow, processes have to be rethought. Rapid expansion can result in too many decisions being pushed upwards. This can lead to a previously dynamic and agile business slowing down, decision-making bottlenecks arising, and opportunities to take timely action being missed. Processes that may have worked when the organization was smaller can […]

Replay | Five Steps to Creating a Forward-Looking Culture

Consulting organizations deal with a certain amount of complexity to bill clients and to understand how the business is performing. With spreadsheet-based or homegrown systems, it often takes so much energy to work out what happened that very little time is left to take corrective action. It’s known as managing through the rearview mirror, and […]

Replay | Teach Your Consultants To Act Like Executives

This webinar is based on the framework described in the book The Seven Principles of Professional Services by Shane Anastasi of Kimble. This book is fast becoming the standard for professional services consultant development and training. The framework fills a gap in most organizational training programs and helps consultants embrace the beliefs required to deliver […]

Replay | Managing Consulting Teams in a Technology Business

Managing a high performing professional services (PS) team in a specialist consulting firm is hard enough. But achieving this within a PS team within a Technology firm, where selling hardware or software is the primary focus of the company can be even more challenging. This webinar will highlight the different challenges facing those who run […]

Replay | Four Strategies For Retaining Top Consulting Talent

Top talent employees are hard to come by and effort is required in retaining them. The investment is worth it in the long run. When a top talent employee leaves you end up replacing them with the not-so-top-talent that is left. In this webinar we take a look at the following: The benefits and objectives […]

Replay | Hiring Great Consultants

Every new hire is a long-term investment. Get it right and it will accelerate your team’s success. Get it wrong and it can turn into a burden that is tricky to remove. In this webinar we take a look at the following: The importance of selecting great consultants What is an ‘ideal’ consultant? Practical guidance […]

Replay | Building High Margin Consulting Teams

Building and managing a high performing consulting team is challenging. Achieving consistent and predictable margin across projects and practices is fundamental to the overall success of every firm. But very little formal guidance for reaching this outcome is available. This webinar, “Building High Margin Consulting Teams,” aims to address this. We introduce the concept of the […]

Replay | Five Steps To More Proactive Resource Management

Consulting organizations don’t have to grow very large before resource management becomes complex, particularly in the absence of suitable processes and technology. While even managing 20 resources could present a challenge, when you have hundreds or thousands, then you really must be on your toes. Where is each of our consultants this week? What is […]

Replay | Five Steps To Sales Forecast Accuracy

In this webinar, Five Steps To Sales Forecast Accuracy, we discuss how to implement a disciplined sales forecast process that improves utilization and business performance for consulting organizations.

Replay | Using CPQ With Kimble

Standardization of service offerings is a high priority in 2017 for consulting firms as well as professional services organizations within technology companies. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), an approach that has been prevalent in product-selling systems for some time, is now increasingly important to how standardized services are sold by any company. In our new product […]