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Better Together

Salesforce + Kimble,
Driving Better
Decisions Sooner

Working in tandem with Salesforce, Kimble provides business leaders the information they need about future performance to make better decisions sooner.


Kimble and Salesforce both put customer relationships at the heart of everything they do.

In project-based businesses, project performance usually differs from the plan – which affects profitability. This is a driving challenge for service leaders. Kimble’s Salesforce-native PSA solution addresses that challenge better than any other solution. It harnesses all the innovative functionality that Salesforce offers to make service delivery more predictable, more profitable and more efficient.

Working together, Salesforce and Kimble create a compelling business case for professional services organizations. By connecting Sales Cloud and Service Cloud and Kimble, businesses get complete visibility of customer activity across sales, services, and support, along with a view of complete customer profitability.

Why partner with Kimble

Since Kimble is a leading Salesforce native ISV, any win for Kimble is a win for Salesforce. When we support each other’s mutual success, it also creates value for our shared customers.

Partner with Kimble to:

  • Get introductions into Greenfield Accounts
  • Identify new use cases and buyers
  • Keep ERP’s at bay: Keep out off-platform competition
  • Accelerate momentum & bring a robust use case
“For one of our key focus accounts, our strategy has been to build the use case for increasing adoption of the Salesforce platform and decrease reliance on off-platform solutions. Working with Kimble was a major win in this strategy. We expect the Kimble footprint to grow, the Salesforce platform use case to grow, and our strategic relationship with the customer to grow as a result”

Brian Moore, Senior Enterprise Account Executive

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