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“Our business will continue to become more complex. The solutions we offer will change, and we will innovate. But we have confidence that Kimble has the flexibility to change with us.”

Simon Goldsmith, Director at Altius

Before buying Kimble five years ago in 2014, technology consultants Altius used a PSA which only captured time and expenses. They decided to switch to Kimble because they wanted to use data more strategically to drive value in their own business – something they advise their customers to do when consulting.

Director Simon Goldsmith said Altius wanted “a more holistic solution” to gain visibility across the business and to create accurate forecasts.

Altius now uses Kimble PSA to capture data from an early stage of the sales cycle, through to resourcing and delivering projects, and then to tracking actuals against the forecast. Kimble can also aggregate data from all their projects. This produces better forecasts and enables managers to identify trends and steer the business more effectively.

One of the key benefits of Kimble to Altius is that it allows role-specific information to be directed to the right people. “The app gives much more guidance to support decision making throughout the business, ” Simon said.

Looking forward, Simon is confident that the business will continue to grow. He sees Kimble PSA as a “backbone” supporting that growth. “Things will continue to change. But we have confidence that Kimble has the flexibility to change with us.”

He added: “Working with Kimble is great because they really understand all aspects of what it takes to run a Professional Services business. To get that fit for your business is really important.”

Using Kimble, Altius is able to:


  • Capture data from sales to delivery
  • Resource projects more effectively
  • Track actuals against the forecast
  • Create more accurate forecasts
  • Aggregate data to spot trends
  • Push role-specific data to the right people


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  • A PSA that grows with the business
  • More accurate forecasts
  • Guided decision-making throughout the business

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