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Using Kimble has increased our productivity significantly.

George Ehrhardt, Controller Acquis

Global consulting firm specializing in strategy and implementation, Acquis, implemented Kimble to maintain control of the business as it expanded, and to give everyone a system that they would be happy to use.

Since going live in January 2018, the finance team has managed to reduce the time taken to send out invoices at the close of each month from three days to just a few hours. They have also been able to expand without needing to add to the back office team.

Controller George Ehrhardt said: “Despite Acquis’ tremendous growth, the finance team has been able to handle all the extra work without needing to take on more resources. Using Kimble has increased our productivity significantly.”

“Previously, it was very time-consuming to get information out of disparate systems that didn’t talk to one other. Billing hundreds of clients was a monumental undertaking and it took three days to get the invoices ready. But now after three hours, all the invoices are generated.”

George added that another major advantage of Kimble is increasing the visibility of information throughout the business. “In the past, the disparate systems we were using provided a lack of centralized insight and reporting.”

For project managers, finding the answer to a commercial question used to involve raising a request with the finance team who would draw the information from their systems and pass it on. “You couldn’t find that information on your own and even if you needed to know something that was time sensitive, you had to wait.” Giving project managers this visibility enables them to make better-informed decisions, which in turn reduces revenue leakage.

Using Kimble, Acquis Consulting Group is able to

  • Generate accurate invoices automatically
  • Monitor time and expenses
  • Share information across the business
  • Expand without adding to the back-office team

Business benefits

  • Improved cash-flow
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Reduced revenue leakage

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