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Webinar | TSIA Virtual Summit: Creating a Strong Relationship Between PS and CS To Accelerate Value Realization

August 26, 2021 – 12:00pm ET

Why Attend?

One of the most critical prerequisites of customer success is having an implementation that meets expectations, focuses on the critical capabilities required by the customer, and enables them to achieve their desired outcomes faster and easier.

According to TSIA’s Customer Success Benchmark, 70% of companies have customer success managers (CSMs) engage with the customer either before or immediately after contract close, so the CSM is already connected to the customer and goes through the implementation journey as an active participant.

In this two-hour virtual summit, we hear from both customer success and professional services leaders, including Chief Adoption Officer of Kimble, Peter Fitzpatrick, about how to craft this partnership, the rules of engagement between customer success (CS) and professional services (PS), and the role of technology in empowering these teams to set the customer up for rapid value realization.


Featured Topics

  • What role CS managers play in technology implementations, and how their time is accounted for in project budgets.
  • How customer outcome expectations identified in the sales process are passed along to the PS teams, and ultimately become a part of the long term success plan for the account.
  • Measuring the success of technology implementations, and how this factors into customer health scores.
  • Best practices for collaboration and knowledge sharing between PS and CS.


Peter Fitzpatrick
Chief Adoption Officer | Kimble

Peter Fitzpatrick works with Kimble’s growing customer base as Chief Adoption Office (CAO), building on Kimble’s reputation for providing great customer value. Peter has over twenty years of experience in the consulting and professional services world. Prior to being named CAO in 2019, Peter Fitzpatrick was Kimble’s Chief Implementation and Business Transformation Officer.