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Webinar | The Power of Predictability: Driving Better, More Confident Decisions Sooner

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Why Attend?

There is increasing pressure in many organizations for services to operate a predictable, profitable business – to quickly address incoming demand and reduce the backlog, protect margins, and accelerate cash flow. More and more, this will be how technology businesses survive and thrive – shifting from thinking about managing projects to thinking about managing a scalable project-based business.

In this 45-minute webinar, Kimble CEO for International, Sarah Edwards, explored the strategies and technologies businesses are using to better anticipate requirements and avoid project delays, customer escalations, burnout, and services becoming a bottleneck.

Moderated by John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Technology Research, TSIA, this webinar included a panel of leaders from Kimble customers including Hitachi’s BI and Systems of Global Services, AJ Keval, and Esri’s Business Manager of Professional Services, Kevin Ochs. The panelists discussed what predictability means to the success of their businesses and what they’re doing to drive predictability.

Featured Topics

  • Avoiding project delays
  • Circumventing customer escalations
  • Preventing burnout
  • Stopping services from becoming a bottleneck on organizational success

Watch The Replay


Sarah Edwards
CEO for International, Kimble

As an experienced consultant, project manager, global practice manager and business leader, Sarah has extensive experience from the ground up on how to manage a successful services business. With over six years at Kimble Applications, Sarah has lived and worked both in the US and Europe to help customers achieve services success and deliver significant business value.

Having previously managed a global team at Hitachi Consulting in Europe and prior to that helped grow IT consulting firms Fulcrum Solutions and Edenbrook, Sarah has enjoyed considerable services success from upstart to global consulting businesses. At the time of its acquisition in 2009 by Hitachi, Edenbrook had reached over 400 people based in the UK and India.

John Ragsdale
Distinguished VP, Technology Research, TSIA

John Ragsdale is the distinguished vice president of technology research for TSIA. His area of expertise is in assisting enterprise technology firms with the selection and value realization of tools and platforms, with a constant focus on the customer experience. John drives TSIA’s highly regarded technology research agenda, delivering insightful thought-leadership research and analysis on the most pressing issues facing business leaders to enable them to better plan and execute their strategies. John earned the title of TSIA Distinguished Researcher when he reached over ten years in a research role at TSIA, having authored over 250 research articles, answered 3,000+ member inquiries, and developed frameworks and survey methodologies that helped members address complex business challenges. John also continues to take a lead role as a mentor, helping other members of the TSIA Research team master their skills.