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Webinar | The Only Accurate Plan Is a Current Plan: 3 Keys to Predictable PS Performance

November 17, 2020 – 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET
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Why Attend?

No matter how good a plan is, the only thing that can be predicted with 100% accuracy is that not everything will go according to plan. Considering that, why do we often make important decisions about professional services using out-of-date plans that don’t account for what’s changed and what we can realistically expect to happen going forward?

In this session, we explored how “living planning” helps organizations be agile and adaptable in the face of change, with people across the organization able to anticipate unexpected risks and act rather than react.

John Ragsdale, TSIA Distinguished VP of Technology Research, chatted with Kevin Ochs, Esri’s Business Manager of Professional Services about what he’s learned from managing PS at Esri “through the windshield.” They were joined by Frank Fillmann, Salesforce AVP North America Enterprise Sales, and Charles Gustine, Kimble Product Marketing Manager, who provided insights about how businesses are using CRM and PSA in tandem to enable PS to stay ahead of shifting customer demand.

Featured Topics

  • How “living planning” helps organizations be agile and adaptable
  • Anticipating unexpected risks
  • Using CRM and PSA in tandem to stay ahead of shifting customer demand

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Kevin Ochs
Business Manager of PS | Esri

Kevin Ochs is the Business Manager of Professional Services at Esri. He has over 35 years of experience in the field, 25 of which has been at Esri. He leads business functions including, financial planning, analysis and reporting, business systems, rate development, pricing strategy, schedule management, and invoicing.

Jimmy Bremner
VP – Enterprise Transformation | Salesforce

Jimmy has 20+ years of experience in professional services oscillating between large consulting organizations including Accenture, Slalom and Diamond Consulting (now PwC) and more entrepreneurial ventures including AKTA where, as president, Jimmy helped establish AKTA as one of the most innovative design thinking firms in the world ultimately leading to its acquisition by Salesforce. Jimmy has held a variety of roles since joining Salesforce including running their global Experience Design professional services team. He currently leads the Business Services Industry go to market team working with many of Salesforce’s top customers including PwC, Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM.

Charles Gustine
Product Marketing Manager | Kimble

Charles Gustine is a learning & development specialist focused on helping customers find value in the SaaS software they purchase. After eight years of developing training solutions, he is applying an educator’s sensibility to product marketing. At Kimble, he manages product messaging for the only leading software vendor that focuses exclusively on professional services automation (PSA), and applies Kimble’s understanding of the challenges of professional services organizations to market-leading thought leadership content.