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Unleash the Productivity of Sales and Service Delivery Through Customer Insights

As a product company, you already know you won’t get to the next level of growth just by sales and delivery running faster. You need ways for your people to work smarter.

In this webinar replay, we detail how to automatically unify relationship and operational intelligence and surface it to your sales and service delivery leaders. It’s possible (and imperative) to establish a system that allows them to focus on relationships, decisions, and resolutions, rather than chasing the details of customer and prospect issues and status.

Our guest speaker is David Hofferberth, founder of leading global consulting research firm Service Performance Insight (SPI) and an expert at what drives performance in embedded professional services organizations. Along with experts from Bullhorn and Kimble, David reveals the processes and systems that will allow you to unleash the inherent capabilities of your sales and deliver leadership and staff. Learn how to:

  • Transform your existing CRM from a tedious, static, data entry platform into an automated, real-time relationship intelligence nerve center
  • Remove the conflicts between your sales team and your professional services staff by providing complete, real-time visibility into sales forecasts, project backlog, and resource demand
  • Reduce implementation lead time and cost

Who can benefit: Heads of sales and business development, VP/director/head of professional services