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Removing Barriers to Growth in Consulting Firms

Our recent webinar, Removing Barriers to Growth in Consulting Firms, held on June 23, 2016, is now available for replay. Salesforce and Kimble invited Chris DeBrusk, a 25-year veteran of Sapient, Virtusa, Rule Financial and ThoughtFocus, to share his experience and insight with other consulting executives. In this 45-minute webinar, Chris reveals how real-time information about business performance improves transparency at all levels. Chris also shared how he shifted behavior to deliver greater scalability and increase profitability by 20 percent. In addition, we explore how to:

  • Better match resource demand with supply
  • Hit revenue forecasts every month
  • Improve project and customer profitability

After Chris’s presentation, there is a brief demo illustrating how to use automation to enable these behaviors and processes, as well as live Q&A.

Who can benefit: Consulting executives, including managing directors/partners/VPs/directors, CFOs/finance directors, operations executives, and resource managers.