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Webinar | Consulting Firm Middle Office Operations: Finding Shoes for the Cobbler’s Children

January 27, 2022 | 11:00 AM ET
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Why Attend

Consulting firms are innovating, merging and growing at an amazing pace, adapting to an onslaught of external factors affecting the operations and financial success of their clients. That growth, however, may be taxing “homegrown” middle office solutions that, due to front- and back-office technology advances, are becoming increasingly inefficient…and potentially costly.

And yet, it’s common for even the best consulting leaders to focus so much effort on doing amazing work for clients, that they overlook those same innovations and ideas as solutions to their own challenges – the proverbial Cobbler’s Children Syndrome. They live with a mixture of disconnected systems and their side effects: reduced utilization, revenue leakage, and the inability to get an accurate view of current actuals against baseline at all levels. The ultimate impacts? Decision bottlenecks and lower profits.

Watch the replay of this webinar for a discussion on the causes of this neglect, as well as the potential benefits of a fully-enabled middle office.

Watch Replay

Featured Topics

  • What forces have led to the stressing/ineffectiveness of current middle office processes?
  • Data challenges that expose middle office weakness.
  • Have homegrown middle office programs outlived their value?
  • What are the consequences of ignoring outdated or mismatched middle office processes?
  • Internal evaluation and measurement of current middle office operations.
  • What solutions or alternatives are there for up-armoring or rebuilding homegrown systems?
  • What best practices are being seen?
  • Is the issue inevitable? Ongoing?


Bruce Ballengee
CEO | Pariveda Solutions

As Chief Executive Officer of Pariveda Solutions, Inc., Bruce has contributed to the success of the company through his keen insight and industry knowledge. Bruce is sought out by leaders in the community for both his deep technical expertise and business acumen and he actively serves on the Boards of Directors of several companies and industry-leading organizations. His passion for developing talent is evident in Pariveda’s training curriculum, proprietary cohort scale and review process, and our rigorous recruiting process. Bruce has extensive experience in the telecommunications, energy and software industries, along with high-tech manufacturing and financial services and has served in leadership capacities at Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, Sprint and Hitachi Consulting.

Sharon Piech
Global Director | Deloitte

Sharon is a Director in Deloitte’s Global Financial Advisory practice. She serves on the Financial Advisory Global Executive as the Globalization Leader and is responsible for driving Deloitte’s global strategy. She developed Deloitte’s new global infrastructure and ESG offering to address the world’s economic growth challenge with a focus on equitable and sustainable solutions. Sharon is an integral advisor on Deloitte’s Future of Trust campaign to make every moment matter, Deloitte’s Global Law Firm Alliance program to support two-way relationships with law firms, and Deloitte’s Women in Leadership program to sponsor the next generation of women leaders.

Chris Mitchell
VP Global Accounts | Kimble

As VP Global Accounts at Kimble over the last six years Chris has worked with a diverse group of global professional services companies including ‘Big 4’ firms, management consultancies, digital agencies, system integrators, professional staffing companies and embedded service functions in software/hi-tech organizations. Despite the variety of the organizations with which he has worked he has consistently encountered weak middle office processes resulting in poor management information, revenue leakage and margin dilution. His mission has been to help such companies evolve from a mixture of point solutions, spreadsheets and highly customized ERP systems to streamlined, fit for purpose, end to end middle office processes specifically designed for professional services. Prior to joining Kimble Chris had a 27 year consulting and account management career at companies such as Oracle and Accenture, working with global pharmaceutical and consumer goods companies to deploy mission critical systems across the world.

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