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Webinar: Building a
Predictable Business in
Unpredictable Times

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Why Attend?

A customer-centric business needs to be predictable in order to thrive. If employees, customers, and investors don’t trust that a path to long-term success exists, they won’t “buy-in” to the future.

How do businesses maintain the essential component of predictability, amid an innately unpredictable business climate?

In this 45-minute webinar, Kimble’s Managing Director International, Sarah Edwards, outlined strategies our customers and other professional services organizations have adopted in order to quickly re-plan and predict future business performance.

Watch The Replay

Featured Topics

  • Changes in key business metrics used to track and understand future performance
  • Tactics that make the re-planning process more efficient
  • Achieving confidence in revenue forecasts
  • Effective resource planning to maximize utilization and manage costs
  • Reducing revenue leakage and maximizing cash flow


Sarah Edwards
CEO for International, Kimble

As an experienced consultant, project manager, global practice manager and business leader, Sarah has extensive experience from the ground up on how to manage a successful services business. With over six years at Kimble Applications, Sarah has lived and worked both in the US and Europe to help customers achieve services success and deliver significant business value.

Having previously managed a global team at Hitachi Consulting in Europe and prior to that helped grow IT consulting firms Fulcrum Solutions and Edenbrook, Sarah has enjoyed considerable services success from upstart to global consulting businesses. At the time of its acquisition in 2009 by Hitachi, Edenbrook had reached over 400 people based in the UK and India.

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