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Three Ways to Maximize Predictability in Resource Management

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Why Attend?

Predictability in resource management is key to the success of any services organization. Balancing demand and capacity to know when and where to onboard or re-allocate resources is a constant juggling act. The current business climate drives an even greater need to understand where resources are deployed, what that means for current and future utilization levels, and how that translates into revenue and margin forecasts.

In this 45 minute webinar, Kimble’s VP of Solution Engineering, Lucy Butterton, outlined three strategies that will help your business better predict and plan for resourcing needs in the short, medium, and long term. Whether you’re an enterprise business in need of an efficient – maybe highly automated – resource allocation process, or you’re a mid-size business looking to maximize whitespace where booking available hours or minutes makes all the difference, this webinar provided insights on how to drive transparency, collaboration, and agility in the resourcing process, ensuring the right people are allocated to the right roles at the right time.

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Featured Topics

  • Find demand for supply to improve short-term resource planning
  • Allocate resources to projects as early as possible to improve medium-term resource planning
  • Manage the resource pool in line with the market to improve long-term resource planning


Lucy Butterton
VP Solution Engineering, Kimble

Lucy worked in professional services for many years at companies such as IBM and Hitachi Consulting before joining Kimble seven years ago. Lucy heads up the Solution Engineering team globally for Kimble.

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