Veltig: One Plus One Equals Growth With Kimble and Sage Live

Veltig is a Salesforce and Sage Live consulting partner. They specialize in advising clients on how best to use these tools to ensure their customers have consistently excellent experiences with their businesses.

The challenges facing Veltig

Veltig is on track to increase its headcount by 60 per cent over 18 months and has ambitious international expansion plans. Such development often comes with growing pains, which they wanted to minimize.

Overcoming its business hurdles

The spreadsheets Veltig were using prior to Kimble were becoming ever harder to use and obscuring the business forecasts. On-boarding new clients involved many frantic emails to find out which consultants were available and sometimes there was not a clear view early enough of who would be available when. Financial information was also siloed, slowing decision-making.

Donal de Paor, CEO at Veltig, believed that introducing a professional services automation (PSA) tool was an important way to not only cope with headcount growth, but fuel it.

The outcomes for Veltig

Donal says: “We were looking for more than a tech solution from PSA; we wanted something that encouraged best practice from our consultants. We looked at FinancialForce but thought it was expensive for what we’d get. The fact that it was built through a series of acquisitions also didn’t appeal, as we wanted something that was built from the ground up for PSA.

“Being experts in Salesforce, we are big believers in choosing apps that are best-of-breed in what they do. When we came across Kimble, native to Salesforce and designed from the ground up by people who had worked in the consulting industry for many years, we knew we were onto a winner.”

Veltig was also one of the first users of Sage Live, the cloud accounting software, which they introduced at the same time as Kimble.

Since introducing Kimble and Sage Live early in 2016 Veltig has seen many benefits including:

  • Month-end close has reduced from five days to just one
  • Margins and project profitability are now clear and accessible to all in real time
  • Time and expenses are now tracked properly, reducing the amount of accidental over servicing which can’t be billed
  • Forecast visibility has improved hugely, allowing decisions to be made early about when recruitment is needed, or when more sales need to be made to keep people off the bench
  • The robust integration between Kimble and Sage Live means that there is no duplication and the real-time information allows faster decision-making
  • Clients are now invoiced earlier and the improved cash flow has freed up more money to invest in growing the business
  • Veltig can work easily in the different currencies of countries where they operate around the world as this is built into Kimble

Donal says: “Part of the power of Kimble and Sage Live is that it gets people to make better decisions as all the information is accessible in one place and in real time.

“In the past we had peaks and troughs in demand; the support team may have been fully booked with some of the development team on the bench, or vice versa. Now, with the superb forecasting, we can see upcoming demand and go after engagements to keep both teams happily busy, not veering between getting burned out or twiddling their thumbs.

“We’ve improved client satisfaction levels as we can now provide more detailed reports on the status of projects. And our consultants are happier too as they can see what’s coming up for them and can plan accordingly.

“Veltig is doing so well in fact that we received a government grant in Ireland to expand our business there, as they want to attract well-run, growing, digital companies to provide jobs in the area. They could see that we were serious about investing in our growth.

“I also can’t sing the praises of the Kimble support team highly enough. The support after going live has been incredible, they really want us to get the most from the tool.

“This year we’ve been focused on laying the foundations with good systems and processes. Now that these are all in place we’re excited about taking our growth to the next level. And Kimble and Sage Live will be with us all the way,” finishes Donal.