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Velrada: Accelerating Business Growth Through Accurate Forecasting and Increased Clarity

Velrada is a technology-driven transformation consultancy established in 2009. It now has over 100 consultants across offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Singapore.

In 2012 it was working with a growth adviser who recommended Kimble in order to help expand the business in a sustainable way. Velrada recognized they needed a clearer view on processes, better analysis of activity and more accurate forecasting.

Overcoming its business hurdles

Before implementing Kimble, Velrada was using a timesheet solution that offered no resource planning, scheduling or forecasting.

Rob Evans, CEO at Velrada, commented: “It is extremely difficult for a rapidly growing company to understand and manage all the changes that are happening at the same time. You can easily lose control over the business if you don’t have the proper tools to manage long-term projects.

“Kimble contains best practice and reporting which is important. Often you have people in the team who want to invent their own methods, but Kimble is best practice and works so there is no debate.”

Kimble was chosen to provide a smart solution able to supply accurate forecasting and implement efficient behaviors and management style.

Rob added: “For a professional services company the opportunity to sell a billable day can never be recovered, once it’s gone it’s gone. Kimble helps instill the mentality that you’re billing time throughout the organization, rather than just the management and finance teams being conscious of the impact of a lost day.

“Kimble provides the consistency that spreadsheets can’t enforce and it creates better behaviors in the organization. It’s a user-friendly application that our managers feel comfortable with. Furthermore, with regard to functionality, Kimble offers one of the best services on the market. We’ve tried several other products but for time management and forecasting, Kimble is by far superior,” said Rob.

The outcomes for Velrada

Kimble has brought many benefits according to Rob:

  •  The business has grown in a healthy, controlled manner. Understanding every process, the impact on the business and the sectors that needed improvement helped Velrada to improve its day-to-day efficiency and generate revenues at a faster pace.
  • It has improved utilization rates as it gives a clear view of each project’s elements and the rate of utilization of its consultants at all times. Being able to access and control specific data enabled Velrada to become more agile and flexible, which translated into better quality projects and a valuable competitive edge that facilitated winning new complex projects.
  • Employee empowerment led to increased productivity and high retention of talent.

“By allowing our management team to oversee and manage scheduling, costs and forecasting, Kimble enables us to grow at a healthy rate. Having a scalable application that grows as we grow is really helping our business outcomes,” explains Rob.

Rob concluded: “Kimble offers one of the best experiences in terms of customer service and the app has been created by people who understand our business and the subtleties involved in management consultancy. They also have very good training modules that enabled our people to get control over the application and get comfortable with it in a very short time.“

“The Kimble team is always ready to help and nothing is too much trouble for them, they’re one of the best software organizations I’ve dealt with which makes our lives easier and pleasant.”

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