TSIA Virtual Summit

Why Do the Majority of Professional Services Organizations Underperform?

July 22, 2020 – 12:00pm ET / 5:00pm BST
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Many organizations have turned to technology like PSA software to try to deliver more consistent business outcomes. But why do some professional services organizations still perform below their potential? How do others organize themselves to be successful? Presenting as part of the TSIA virtual summit, Mark Robinson, a co-founder of Kimble Applications, provided the answers in this session.

Watch the replay of Mark’s presentation, part the TSIA Virtual Summit, The Green Flag Is Coming: Is Your Professional Services Engine Tuned?

Featured Topics

  • Challenges that stand in the way of success
  • Staying out of “fire-fighting” mode
  • Why PS organizations underperform
  • Driving right and consistent behaviors

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Mark Robinson
Co-founder, Kimble

Mark is a thought leader in the services industry, a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience. A co-founder of Kimble Applications in 2010, he has spent a great deal of time over the last decade advising the leaders of hundreds of services businesses and focusing on the challenges they face in a competitive industry.

Having begun his career as a management consultant, Mark went to work for Oracle Corporation in the early 90s and witnessed first-hand their rise from start-up to software giant.

In 1997, with no external investment, Mark founded Fulcrum Solutions and in just under three years it reached 200 staff, with offices in Edinburgh, Manchester, London, and New York. Fulcrum was acquired by Whittman Hart for cash and stock valued at $35M in November 1999.

Following the successful sale of Fulcrum, Mark co-founded a second consulting business, Edenbrook, this time with external investment. At the time of its acquisition in 2009 by Hitachi, Edenbrook had reached over 400 people based in the UK and India.

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