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The Future of Consulting Is Agile

In the modern world, your organization is only likely to survive and thrive if you do a great job for your customers and employees. An agile organization focuses on these complementary goals. While the term has its origin in the world of software development, it is now used as shorthand to identify a mindset.

In a crowded market, with new, disruptive competitors appearing constantly, it is harder than ever to get and keep customers. Expectations have increased.

Consulting organization leaders who participated in a survey undertaken for Kimble agreed that they feel under pressure to meet increased demands from existing customers. Almost four in five reported that clients are making new demands on their consulting business, with the same number citing digital transformation as the driver of these demands.

In this eBook:

The Future of Consulting is Agile eBook proposes solutions to three common problems organizations face in the digital age:

  • Decision-making bottlenecks
  • A lack of agreed metrics
  • The failure to innovate effectively

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