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Sage People: smarter, efficient project management with Kimble Applications

Sage People is a leading provider of global cloud HR management systems (HRMS) to mid-size organizations. It supports its customers in managing their workforces to improve HR productivity, increase visibility and deliver great workforce experiences.

Overcoming its business hurdles:

As a growing company – Sage People has grown 1000% over the last four years – the rapid acquisition of customers meant its ability to successfully manage implementation projects was more critical than ever and so required a dedicated professional services application to support them. Their existing spreadsheet-based system simply wasn’t coping with the burgeoning amount of data input, such as timesheets, and the operational needs of the delivery and executive team.

Chris Rauch, Chief Customer Officer at Sage People, explains further: “Pre-Kimble, our end-of-month reporting centered around a complex and limited spreadsheet, on a shared drive that couldn’t be accessed by more than one person at a time. As we experienced rapid growth it became quickly apparent that we needed a solution to simplify the timesheet submission process, streamline invoicing and help us efficiently report to both clients and internal stakeholders.”

The outcomes for Sage People

The team at Sage People have seen a number of benefits since the introduction of Kimble.

Commenting on these, Rauch said: “With Kimble, our client reporting process is less cumbersome and more efficient. More importantly, our monthly billing cycle takes a fraction of the time it used to.”

Other benefits include:

  • Sage People has been able to monitor and scrutinize non-billable hours on projects. As a result, the business has been able to improve utilization consistently across all levels
  • Project managers have greater visibility on budget spend and time spent servicing each project; the company now has a tighter control on budgeting
  • With a more robust timesheet entry system, Sage People has seen an improvement in prompt and accurate timesheet updates from employees and partners, enabling invoicing in days
  • Customer reporting is made easier with scheduled email reports on time spent on projects. An important task that would have taken the operations team hours to put together now takes no time at all

Rauch continues: “First, we were delighted at how little resource was required from us to get the system up and running. Kimble’s timeframe for deployment was spot on.

“Another key benefit since the introduction of Kimble is a 10% shift in average utilization, just six months after implementing the system. For a business our size this is significant. These improvements are in many ways down to Kimble’s ability to simplify and scale up with a growing organization like ours – it has more than delivered a return on our investment already.”

Rauch concludes: “I am pleased by how flexible the product is and the level of adjustment the system allows. It has transformed our professional services operational efficiency and has delivered big gains to us as a fast-growing business.”