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4 Strategies for Retaining Top Consulting Talent

It’s likely that the benefits your top consulting talent provides to your organization are already obvious to you. Among other things, they lead the rest of your team, they make your organization successful in front of customers, and they are essential to achieving scale. You are well aware you can’t afford to lose the knowledge and experience they have. But did you also know there are four key strategies, which you can implement immediately, to drive much higher retention of your top talent?

This webinar, “4 Strategies for Retaining Top Consulting Talent”, clearly lays out retention principles and techniques in such a way that you begin to use them tomorrow.

Whether you are running a consulting team for the first time or have done so for many years, this 40-minute webinar, presented by one of the world’s most sought-after trainers of consultants, will give you insights, tips, and techniques for vastly improving your ability to retain your top consulting talent.

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About The Speaker

Shane Anastasi

Shane Anastasi brings twenty years of learning from managing professional services teams in IBM, Vignette, BigMachines, and Salesforce.com to a topic that many professional services executives struggle to find the time to adequately address. His experience includes best practice from roles spanning sales, delivery, and operational management. He is also the author of ‘The Seven Principles of Professional Services,’ a book that is fast becoming the standard for professional services consultant development and training.