Red Stack Technology:  increases productivity and reduces costs by breaking down departmental silos

Red Stack Technology is a specialist provider of Oracle software, hardware, managed and professional services. Along with offering standard database support, Red Stack Tech covers the whole Oracle technology stack including additional Oracle engineered systems and business intelligence.

Rebecca Gould, Professional Services Manager at Red Stack Tech, explains: “As we looked to grow the company, we needed to have a seamless link between sales, delivery and finance. We also wanted to be able to access management information much more easily and reduce the time taken each month to close the period.”

The big challenge facing Red Stack Tech is how do you break down silos in a team of over 110 people covering six locations across the UK, Australia, Poland and the US? As with many organizations this size, Red Stack Tech was struggling to get each department to communicate and report in a way that helps business processes run more efficiently.

Barriers to growth

Prior to adopting Kimble Applications, each department used a number of separate systems that were not compatible with each other, which meant that a lot of time was spent manually exporting and collating data from different parts of the business. As a result each department seemed to be working in relative isolation, fracturing the business process.

Rebecca, explains, “Before Kimble, we were using a number of separate systems that could not communicate with one another, so we were unable to easily connect the operations of each department to overall business performance. This inefficiency meant that there was a disconnect between the sales teams and those organizing delivery, as well as the finance team.

“However, since implementing Kimble, we have seen a cultural change in the departments using the application and they are now much more conscious of the link between each department’s activities and their impact on the business.

“It’s now a simple job to report accurately on financial and utilization information allowing, say the delivery team, to better allocate resources to current and future projects, based on the information from the sales team,” continues Rebecca.

The outcomes for the business

Since adopting Kimble, Red Stack Tech has seen the following benefits:

• Efficient business communication: With each department using Kimble, there is now a seamless link between the different functions of the organization from sales, to delivery, through to finance. It is now possible to manage and predict, with greater accuracy, sales forecasts and resource utilization

• Reporting management information: In the past, Red Stack Tech had to export data from several systems, however, with Kimble the sheer amount of data available at the click of button reduces the time it takes to complete operational and management reports

• Prior to Kimble, operational data was very limited for individual client management. Consultants now have quick, easy access to data should their client request reports of time spent to date

Rebecca concluded: “Kimble has been instrumental in changing our business dynamics and how we operate. The culture is now such that each person understands the importance to the business of data accuracy. And the relative ease of using Kimble is encouraging the team to work in a more methodical and structured way.

“As the company has grown, Kimble has continued to add value. After making an acquisition it allows us to move legacy work of the acquired company onto the system quickly and the whole process has been seamless. It also assists organic growth with people having clearly assigned roles.

“We are pleased with the improvements that Kimble has brought to our organization in the last 18 months and expect it to continue to add value as we grow and change as an organization,” finishes Rebecca.