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Red Stack Tech is #PoweredByKimble

Name: Alex Louth

Company and job title: I’m the CEO of Red Stack Tech.

Twitter: @redstacktech

What does your company do?

At Red Stack Tech, we specialize in the provision of Oracle Software, Hardware, Managed and Professional Services, delivering full end-to-end solutions that encompass the whole Oracle stack.

Why do you love running a fast-growth company? 

Because it keeps me on my toes! I love always being at the forefront of technology and always have done. To give our customers that extra competitive edge has always driven us to make sure we don’t fall behind. Our growth has come from adopting new technology and trends faster than our competitors.

How much of the time do you wish you weren’t? 

Not much! My family has always been supportive and running a business is a 24-hour job, so even if I wanted time out, I’d struggle! We can always go faster.

What are the hardest things about it? 

Keeping abreast of technology trends! Technology is advancing so quickly, we have to make sure we are not in line with but ahead of the curve. This is why our CTO and tech teams are always learning new technologies I can’t even pronounce.

Tell us about a favorite nugget of wisdom from a mentor 

Invest! It’s something I have learned early on in my business career. Investing shouldn’t be seen as a cost but an enabler. We’ve invested heavily in new technology and people and that is what has propelled our growth!

What’s your greatest business achievement? 

Reaching the 150-employee mark! People are our greatest asset and to achieve this milestone is something I am very proud of.

Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with? 

It would have to be Larry Ellison (Oracle Founder), just so I can tell him all about our company and he would have to listen!

Where is the consulting industry heading? 

Our consulting has always seen steady rises year on year, even during the financial crash. We’ve never noticed a downward turn as I think customers are always looking for experts (especially boutique ones like us) to make their technology run at its optimum, as skills are quite expensive to hire in and when you have someone who does this for a living, it takes away customers’ pain.

What advice would you give your 21-year-old self? 

I would probably give any 21-year old (or anyone looking to start up a business or some kind of entrepreneurial practice) advice that people are 100% the most important asset to any successful business. I surround myself with smart people, who I can trust to make the right decisions for the business!

What major benefit has Kimble delivered to your business?

Kimble has been instrumental in changing our business dynamics and how we operate. The culture is now such that each person understands the importance to the business of data accuracy. And the relative ease of using Kimble is encouraging the team to work in a more methodical and structured way.

As the company has grown, Kimble has continued to add value. After making an acquisition, it allows us to move legacy work of the acquired company onto the system quickly and the whole process has been seamless. It also assists organic growth with people having clearly assigned roles.