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Since adopting the Kimble PSA, our company has grown exponentially, with projects running to time, resource and budget. This technology provides greater foresight, enabling us to plan better and grow our company in the right areas at the right time.

Alan Crawley, Managing Partner Optima Partners

When assessing how technology could help their management consulting business, Optima Partners looked for tools that could boost performance and efficiencies. They selected Kimble PSA in 2013 because they wanted to strengthen administrative functions, to ensure their household-name clients knew what they needed to know and could depend on the correct levels of compliance.

Alan Crawley, managing partner, said: “We didn’t want to be managing multiple spreadsheets with inconsistent reporting or missing data. With this in mind, it was important to find a system that offered consistent and accurate reporting.”

Kimble PSA enables Optima to have a live view of the sales pipeline and of what future revenue looks like. This allows for better planning of expenditure to improve cash flow. It also means they can better keep track of purchase orders, resource more efficiently and understand where revenue is coming from and when.

Alan said: “Kimble has paid for itself time and again over the last few years. Apart from all the other benefits, we have found that access to accurate, timely and reliable information about our client work and budget status has been invaluable. We can respond immediately to requests from clients for status updates and revisions. This has been highlighted more than once by major clients as a valued aspect of our relationship with them.”

Using Kimble, Optima is able to:

  • Run projects on time and on budget
  • Easily share live updates with clients
  • Keep track of Purchase Orders
  • Ensure appropriate compliance

Business Benefits

  • More accurate forecasts
  • More efficient operation
  • Better customer communication
  • Strong business growth

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