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Netcel: making better decisions in a fast paced business environment

Founded in 1995 and now employing 35 consultants, Netcel is a digital agency specializing in strategy, creative, technical development and digital marketing.

With clients all over the world, Netcel needed a platform that would bring the entire business together and offer a cohesive view of the business and its projects, as well as accurate forecasting.

Overcoming its business hurdles

Tim Parfitt, the CEO of Netcel, commented: “Before using Kimble we were working with spreadsheets that were inefficient at providing important metrics and KPIs. We couldn’t see the integrated components in a logical manner and we weren’t able to clearly identify or analyze why we had errors and timing issues. “We needed an efficient solution that would help us simplify the way we managed projects and the overall business, while enabling us to change our habits and become more profitable. With Kimble’s help, in a very short time we’ve become more productive, able to make quicker and better decisions and our profitability and growth rate have soared.”

The outcomes for Netcel

Using Kimble has brought three main benefits to Netcel:

  • It has improved project management by simplifying processes and implementation
  • It has helped the team to make faster, more informed decisions through clear, transparent reporting
  • It has increased profitability and growth by giving employees the ability to see and connect essential business metrics and KPIs with the desired business outcomes.

“An important contribution Kimble makes to our business is helping us understand how we are spending our time, if we are running projects efficiently and profitably and how to correct problems if things get off track. Once we got a clear view and control over these issues we benefited in two ways; we were able to reward those who were excelling and also help those who were struggling to become more efficient and productive. Our team is working much more closely now and they feel more empowered in running projects,” explains Tim.

“At the same time Kimble helped us break down silos in the business. In particular, the finance and project management departments are working much better together now; everyone understands and appreciates what the others are doing. They are sharing their metrics and trying to find the most efficient strategies for taking the business forward,” added Tim.

Tim concluded: “The Kimble team is always very responsive and supportive, providing useful advice and training. At the same time, having the application running on Salesforce means we get the best of both worlds, an app that was created with our kind of business and its challenges in mind, with the security and confidence of a multibillion pound platform behind it.”